Kräuterhonig gießt in den Holzlöffel. Der Löffel liegt auf einem alten Holztisch, umgeben von Blättern und Blumen.

Combining tea-tree with its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties with honey, natures soothing nectar with properties that promote healing is a powerful combination. And guess what nature offers it for us in the form of Manuka Honig.


It is produced in New Zealand the place beekeepers arrange their hives within the uncultivated areas the place the Manuka bush grows. The Manuka is only indigenous to New-Zealand and is helped by the governments stringent air pollution controls and restrictions on the importing of plant-life.

Products containing Manuka honey is being advisable by skincare specialists worldwide due to its highly effective skin conditioning properties. Additionally it is getting used medicinally to deal with infections, ulceration and scarring.

For the therapy of acne you need to seek out pure active manuka honey or products that include manuka honey as a main ingredient.

Why is Manuka Honey so Good?

It’s not totally understood why the honey produced by bees feeding on the manuka bush is such a strong healer. it’s nonetheless attracting the attention of many scientists and medical researchers.

Sadly, although most likely not surprisingly, it’s more expensive than honeys that might be found locally or in supermarkets. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that every one pure honey is a terrific therapy for acne. But when your zits is extreme and isn’t responding effectively to different pure treatments you could want to think about this tremendous honey.

The Treatment

Manuka honey can be utilized each by consuming it, the place the honey will work from inside. It can be used topically in your pores and skin the place you’ll most likely see outcomes in a short time. Probably as shortly as in a single day and definitely inside 2-Three days. If you happen to want any extra proof of the therapeutic energy of manuka honey simply think about the vary of situations it has been used to deal with efficiently; contaminated wounds, ring worm, athletes foot, to promote healing after surgery, stomach ulcers it will even relieve the signs of colds and flu.

To treat acne either seek out a specialist product containing energetic manuka honey or use the pure honey as a face wash every night. After gently cleaning the face rinse and pat dry. Easy a small amount of manuka honey over the affected areas or over your complete face if preferred. Leave for about ten minutes then rinse off with warm water and pat dry. The honey will kill the excess bacteria in your pores and skin and also will draw the impurities out of your pores and skin.

It will additionally work directly on the spots or pimples, drawing the moisture out and drying the world. Once more the micro organism inside the spot might be killed leaving the world of pores and skin clear and fresh. The honey will then promote healing of the pores and skin by encouraging the expansion of latest pores and skin cells, scale back the irritation and depart you with a transparent, spot free face. In fact the honey may equally be used to deal with acne on the again or different elements of the body. An extra benefit is that it’s going to not dry your pores and skin out. Certainly it has been efficiently used to deal with eczema.