Schüssel mit roter heißer Chilisauce auf schwarzem Stein Hintergrund

Arthritis, as most of us know, is a very painful condition which contributes to inflammation of the joints. This is due to a slow, but steady loss of cartilage and in some extreme cases, weakening of bones. Various info on arthritis demonstrates that it happens in any age group and normally affects joints such as hips, hands, legs, spine etc. The identification is very simple as the patient will suffer from acute and sustained pain over a prolonged time period. It can become quite worse if retained untreated.

Treating Arthritis Pain with the Right Food

Other than appropriate medication, the treatment course for arthritis consists of physical exercise, weight loss and rigorous adherence to a diet that is recommended. Now, the diet part is very essential for the management of arthritis pain.

Doctors advise a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to allay pain brought on by arthritis. However, how a lot people know the fiery hot red chilli can be your ideal partner in managing arthritis pain? Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s.

Red chilli is a natural pain killer because of the copious quantities of Capsaicin within the spice. There are nearly 3000 scientific papers which were included in the US National Library of Medicine associated with the medicinal properties of red chilli.

Red Chilli Pepper – A Natural Healer

Globally, Red chilli production has seen a phenomenal rise ever since the medieval ages. Although, they form a big portion of cuisines in several continents, it has always discovered medicinal uses. It is thought that the early Rishis (saints) were aware of the curative properties of red chilli and hence included it in many Ayurveda medications in India and some other nations. The history of medicine, when traced back to the early period, proves the medicinal properties of the spice.

Red Chilli Pepper – A Pain Killer

Capsaicin, an ingredient in red chilli, is accountable for its pain relieving properties. The composition of Capsaicin may change in different grades of the spice. For example, Indian red chilli has high quantity of capsaicin content. This is one reason that many people source it from Indian suppliers.

Other compared to its own applications as a pain killer, it may also be utilised as a blood flow booster, clot buster, heart food, blood pressure reducer, cholesterol fighter, lung-friendly food, antiviral, antibacterial, toxin remover, digestive aid, weight loss aid, mood enhancer, anti inflammatory, health stimulant, life sustainer, radiation shield, stomach ulcer prevention and so forth.

The red chilli is also full of carotenoids and other vitamins such as Vitamin B1 and B2, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium etc.

Although, it is highly valuable, care must be taken not to consume this spice in excess as it can lead to gastritis and peptic ulcer.