Luftblasen, Tauchen, Unterwasser

When you experience gout pain for the very first time, you don’t know what it is until your doctor confirms it with a blood test that reveals your blood serum uric acid is over healthy selection. For newcomer, doctor usually prescribes some mild pain killer and anti inflammatory drugs to alleviate the excruciating gout pain.

Gout Pain

On top of those pills, physicians usually guidance gout patients to watch their diet and drink more water. That is it! That is the typical gouty information heard by millions of gout sufferers, over and over. Many of these took those gout pills as instructed, tried their best to decrease the usage of high purine foodthey drank bottles of water a day, and yetthey continue to be tortured by the awful gout pain from time to time.

It is pathetic. Even those hi-tech gout medication the Big Pharmas spent millions to develop failed to take care of the gout pain. Is there some more effective gout pain treatment available? Yes! And the response is… Water! But not any sort of water, it has to be Ionized Alkaline Water.

Ionisiertes alkalisches Wasser

Ionized Alkaline Water is generated through a procedure called Dynamic Electrolysis. Normal clean tap water is passed through in between two electrodes with opposing polarity. The positive electrode brings acidic minerals from the water towards it. On the flip side, the negatively charged electrode pulls alkaline minerals around it. With that, the water is split into alkaline water and acidic water.

Dynamic Electrolysis turns the mineral molecules from the water to electrostatically charged ions. The word”Ionized” is used to distinguish the alkaline water generated by electrolysis and the normal alkaline solution that’s produced with the addition of alkaline chemical compound in the laboratory.

It Is Not A Magic Pill

So, how do ionized alkaline water function as a gout pain remedy? As a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be taken as a remedy which may take away your gout pain immediately. It is the very best way to reverse constipation, but not the quickest way to eliminate your gout pain. It takes some time for ionized alkaline water to return the remainder of your body pH.

You should have known that gout is a direct consequence of having too much uric acid in the human body. It is those crystallized uric acid particles that activate the gout flare at your toes. Here is the simple science of change: Healthy uric acid level leaves no space for the formation of uric acid crystals, and if there’s not any uric acid crystal, it’s not possible to get any gout attack.

It is very difficult, if not impossible to flush off the excess uric acid in your system by simply drinking gallons of drinking water, because its pH is neutral. The most efficient method to eliminate the uric acid in the body is to first neutralize the acidity then dispose them through urine and perspiration. Actually, the ultimate remedy to your gout problem is hidden in high school chemistry.

The only thing which could effectively neutralize acid is… Alkaline!