Nahaufnahme Frau Hand hält Haare, die von der Haarbürste fallen

Natural remedies refer to those remedies that are based on philosophies and techniques that do not belong to conventional Western medicine. Whereas traditional methods are based on the concept of disorder being a different entity without regard to the individual contracting it, the organic approach considers the entire person in the treatment, on the energy of the human body and its capacity to heal itself, on the healing power of nature and focuses on the cause rather than the symptoms. Others call these therapies as alternative medicine, when used in place of traditional means or complementary medicine, when used in additional to the Western type of method.

Natural Treatments For Women With Hair Loss

Up before the present, many physicians believe natural complementary or alternative medicine as unreliable since most techniques haven’t been validated by studies; however, it’s becoming the treatment of choice for many.

The main reason for this is that herbal treatments don’t have the side effects that traditional drugs provide. For most sufferers, this is the safer path. Similar to other people who suffer from different types of diseases, females with alopecia or women with hair loss, seek natural remedies for their condition.

The benefit that natural hair remedies have over their conventional counterparts is that they can boast of containing no harsh chemicals; as much as the hair is concerned, natural is unquestionably better. Moreover, these remedies have experienced a substantial quantity of success so that many women with hair loss believe clinical studies aren’t required to demonstrate their safety and efficacy. Most of the products are made from extracts of herbs and plants which contain properties beneficial to the scalp and hair.

Some natural solutions operate as growth stimulants that improve the metabolism of hair follicles and increase the blood circulation of the scalp; consequently, promoting growth. An instance of a substance possessing these capacities is grape seed extract, known to hasten the start of the hair’s growing stage. It also stops the follicle-destroying hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from doing its dirty work. DTH is the most important reason for female and male pattern baldness.

Another valuable herb is gingko biloba, a tonic for hair growth. It increases the flow of the small blood vessels that surround the pores and assists in making hair grow faster. Aloe Vera is also a popular hair herb and with good reason. It can stimulate growth without causing any scalp irritation, because it also has elements that are soothing to the skin. It is used to treat sunburn.

Others might not know about it but sage or garden sage is helpful for making hair grow quicker, especially when blended with rosemary. Its growth stimulation powers come from the tannins, saponins and camphor that it contains.

The pain that women with hair loss experience is much more psychological in nature than physical. It can be catastrophic to the self-esteem and optimism. Luckily, there are remedies that are safe and effective, so that they wouldn’t have to worry about managing side effects.