Kopf eines kranken Mannes mit geschlossenen Augen mit roter allergischer Reaktion auf der Haut, Rötung und Schuppenflechte auf Nase, Stirn und Wangen, saisonales Hautproblem, Nahaufnahme, weißer Hintergrund

There is a common practice now, one of many doctors, to stamp anything that they can’t successfully diagnose,”allergy”. The reason for this is that so little is understood about allergies the diagnosis leaves tons of room for explanation and discussion. The”indefinite” diagnoses have always been favoured by the responsible doctors.

Powerful Natural Remedies for Allergies Revealed

Two hundred years back, a condition that couldn’t be diagnosed was known as”bad humours” and anybody who endured anything from stomach-ache to cancer or gall-stones was advised his humours were acting up. This was followed by the”acids” theory, where strange and mysterious acids were responsible for all undiagnosed problems.

This isn’t to say that allergies don’t exist. There is a strange set of body responses to which has been given the name, allergy. To be accurate, there are two such groups: those that are localized to the surface of the body, from face to feet, or skin allergies; and people that inhabit the chest, throat and nasal regions, or respiratory allergies. These two classes include the vast majority of allergic reactions.

In the respiratory group could be such common ailments as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, etc. These conditions are centred in the respiratory system, but a few (especially hay fever and sinus conditions) often spill over into other areas, as for example the eyes, that can water, redden and puff under severe attack. There is excellent reason to think that these particular allergies are associated with Vitamin C deficiency. Low potency (natural) Vitamin C tablets have proved useful in treating these allergies, as has the B complex.

The skin allergies, hives and Nessel-rash, as examples, are in some degree associated with an over-acid status of the body. This isn’t to be confused with the”mysterious acids” of one hundred years back, which have been conveniently blamed for many ailments. The acids I speak of are generated right within the body and consumed daily by day in the daily diet. The rational diet, with its balanced intake and natural form, won’t support a hyper-acid condition. To conquer this condition when it already exists in the body, it’s necessary to cleanse the system completely.

Herbal laxative pills (1-2 per day for three days); moderate enemas (1 per day, for a week) and a diet will provide the comprehensive broom a hyper-acid condition needs. The recommendation included daily natural bathrooms with specific emphasis upon the region affected. Pressure (douche) baths upon the affected region and a mild (not too lively ) rub following the tub, were effective. Where the skin was especially dry, a few drops of olive oil were implemented.

The skin-allergy patients were counseled to soften the water used for bathing with a cup of starch. Bicarbonate of soda should not be used to soften water for a sensitive skin, as it’s an alkali and will have a drying and damaging effect in time.

Dry skin shouldn’t be bathed too often or for long intervals. Baths should be rapid affairs and olive oil may help to alleviate the reduction of skin oil. Air baths should be indulged in often as a substitute for the everyday water-baths that you might miss.