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Locating chinese green tea information may be a tough task. Although the information highway gives a lot of content concerning the subject, frequently it’s overwhelming and too confusing to work out. This report is supposed to avoid the aggravation of sifting through the mountain of pages returned from the web search and supply some closely associated weight loss information you need regarding chinese green tea.

Chinese Tea

Many men and women look upon Chinese green tea as mythical. Chinese green tea has been known to present many different health benefits. Due to the numerous health dividends provided by greentea extract, there’s been endless discourse over many, many years which will definitely continue for a long time to come.

Green Tea Origins

The source of the green tea beverage reaches back to the year 2737 B.C. Legend has it that burning tea twigs hauled into a cooking pot of boiling water. After tasting the opportunity boil, Emperor Shen Nung whom was deemed the Father of Chinese medicine, determined it was so yummy he recommended it to his people. And the rest is history. Over several decades, the usage and of green tea became popular throughout the Far East and in the past few years world wide.

What separates green tea from different teas?

Oddly enough, the Camellia sinensis plant produces black and oolong tea in addition to green tea. Despite the same source as black tea, the green tea capsule created by the Camellia sinensis provides more health benefits.

The response to why are teas in the exact same plant so different lies in the system of production. Because oolong and black teas are oxidized during creation, they both lose a lot of the health beneficial qualities. Green tea is steamed instead of oxidized.

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As a side note, synonyms for oxidize are decompose and deteriorate. That in itself says a great deal about the procedure of processing black tea.

Therefore, retaining the health antioxidants is procured through the steaming process that’s performed before it’s dried. The difference in production appears simple enough. So, another question goes unanswered. If steaming would help retain more health value, why not change the process of production for the oolong and black teas?


Chinese green tea has been used for its health benefits in addition to its pleasing taste. As mentioned before, antioxidants are extremely health beneficial. Antioxidants from green tea are believed to help lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. The outcome is possibly lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Many studies have been completed recently on Chinese green tea for weight loss. One indicates that green tea extract has a favorable metabolic effect on the body. A higher metabolism means that a greater possibility for burning fat and slimming down. The analysis found that the mixture of two substances found in green tea, caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), produce a thermogenic effect. They contribute a potential four percent thermogenic gain in the body. Those findings have contributed much belief to the weight loss enhancement through chinese green tea.


These positive weight reduction benefits alongside the long appreciated health aspects of green tea extract have become so widely recognized that major cold beverage manufacturers have taken to promoting new products by referencing EGCG as a principal ingredient. Those products are generally promoted as energy drinks as far as weight loss products.

Other studies also have shown links between green tea extract and weight loss. It’s been stated that as much as 70 calories per day can be burnt by drinking Chinese green tea. Yet another reason for weight loss plans to incorporate some kind of green tea extract.


The prevalence of Chinese green tea has spread world wide. It can now be commonly seen as a cold beverage. With its safe herbal features, another notable use for green tea now is in weight loss products.