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Our bodies have a natural appetite for perfect health, and it would always work together when we decide to get a detoxification procedure. However the body needs to go through an elimination process before we could attain perfect health.


Whenever we make a decision to begin taking something that would start to detoxify our bodies, we might suffer what is known as a healing crisis. In a healing crisis, all of the body systems are working together to remove toxins which were dumped into the blood stream to be removed from the body, to attempt to cleanse and regenerate itself. The body uses all of its available channels to perform this. A cleanup procedure is on its way and saved wasted are in a free flowing state

Toxins and Wastes

The removal channels of the body are the skin, the pee and the intestines. The toxins and wastes are being discharged into the blood stream to be removed. This sets the stage for your body to start to regenerate itself, replacing old tissue with new, replacing old cells with new .When any treatment or cleansing system induces a massive scale destruction of germs, a substantial quantity of toxins inside the bacteria itself are released in the body and the blood stream for elimination. The more bacteria present and the more powerful the endotoxins (toxins within toxins) the more powerful the cleanup reaction would be. When any other treatment or detoxification program, causes the organs of the body particularly the liver that’s a store house for toxins, to discharge their toxins into the body for removal, a “healing crisis” may happen.

Such symptoms are temporary and it may occur immediately, or after a couple of days of being on a detox program. Any Detoxification program, even fasting, which induces a massive and rapid breakdown of fat cells, which are a store house for toxins, can cause a “healing crisis” as toxins and toxins are released into the blood stream for elimination.

What then are the signs of a healing crisis?

Well it may be anything in the symptoms of the common cold to the indicators of a significant disease you could be suffering from. Some people today suffer muscle and joint pain, many others feel extreme fatigue, nausea, dizziness. Some experience restlessness, aches and pains, arthritic pains flare up, sleeplessness, nasal congestion, fever, frequent urination, poor body odour, fall in blood pressure, skin eruptions, boils, hives, rashes, colds or flu like symptoms, and if you suffer from a significant illness, the symptoms of the disease may flare up. Sometimes strong emotions emerge such as anger, grief, sadness, fear. Suppressed memories may surface, and you’ll be able to relive the pain of these experiences. Sometimes mood swings, new phobias may grow. Whatever the symptoms one suffers during a healing crisis, it’s an indication that the body is cleansing and rejuvenating itself.

If the symptoms become too powerful, an individual ought to facilitate his way through the procedure. Drink a lot of water to aid with the elimination procedure. Juices and herbal teas are amazing for flushing the toxins out and help in speeding across the detoxification procedure. Rest, when you feel the need, use an enema to offer relief. A good massage can be helpful, and meditation can help with psychological difficulties. On rare occasions, a decrease or a temporary cessation of this item may become necessary. It needs to be pointed out here, of course that not everybody suffers a healing crisis, or is even aware that he’s going through one. But at times, and according to the number of toxins which one has in his entire body, a healing crisis can and does happen.

Abschließende Anmerkung

One crisis isn’t necessarily enough for a complete cure. The individual in a chronic “locked” disease condition will frequently have to go through cycles of healing crises, with each one improving the condition a few. It’s taken time to develop a diseased condition, and time must forego this “secured” energy, piece by piece. It’s like peeling the layers off an Zwiebel.

This is a time that our body needs teas, juices and water to help remove the toxins. This is a time for rest. Be kind to yourself mentally, emotionally, and of course physically.