Frau mittleren Alters betrachtet Falten im Spiegel. Plastische Chirurgie und Kollageninjektionen. Schminken. Makro-Gesicht. Selektiver Fokus auf das Gesicht. Realistische Bilder mit ihren eigenen Unvollkommenheiten.

Cosmetic companies and their anti-aging skincare products promise to turn back the hands of time. On close examination, they best offer little more than you can prepare yourself with components bought at the neighborhood grocery store – for a fraction of the price and with no threat of ill side effects. Take a look at your skin lotion label. For instance, a lot of foundation creams contain propylene glycol as a moisturizer. Since your skin absorbs chemicals to your body, is this something you need on or in you when there’s a totally natural substitute?

Was ist zu tun?

Water is most likely the #1 ingredient listed on any label. Since components are listed in the order of their proportion in any item, you’re paying mostly for water.

And what about animal testing? So as to determine at what levels decorative compounds become harmful to skin or overall wellbeing, they are administered at ever-increasing doses to innocent creatures until disease or eczema appears.

The better choice is to combine your own all-natural anti-aging skincare products or to use the ones which are certifiably natural and don’t test with animals, if advantage is crucial.

Age & Liver Spots

These generally appear in people over age 40, but can appear earlier. They are caused by melanin deposits in the skin – usually from sunlight exposure – and are benign. The title “liver place” has only to do with their colour, rather than to any liver ailment.

Laser treatment by a dermatologist will remove them. You can lighten them with an astringent mix of 1/2 water and 1/2 apple cider vinegar. This will make your skin feel smoother and look more radiant.


Men naturally exfoliate when they shave, but for girls it’s helpful to remove outer layers of dead skin cells. Grind 2-3 tsp raw uncooked oats in a food processor and add 1/2 tsp each honey (attracts moisture) and apple cider vinegar until smooth. Then add 1 drop jojoba or coconut oil. Apply in a gentle circular motion, avoiding the area just around the eyes, then leave for 5-15 minutes. Remove with tepid water, finishing with cold water to close skin pores.


Rather than propylene glycol, attempt Jojoba Oil or Kokosnuss Oil. Each is available in your neighborhood health food store or vitamin store. Their large molecular structure doesn’t penetrate the skin easily, and thus stays in your skin to plump cells.

A paste of mashed ripe avocado left on skin for 5-10 minutes and eliminated with a warm wet washcloth will moisturize while making you feel as if you’re at a spa. This time may also be used to soak in a hot bath to which you add some jojoba, coconut or coconut oil, to create your anti-aging skin care body.

Foods high in omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids are crucial to enabling your skin to retain moisture. Omega-3 acids are found in salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, grass fed beef, flax seed oil, or by way of supplement. Omega-6 acids are contained in corn and safflower oils.

Vitamin C, copper and zinc are required to fuel the enzyme which enables collagen to form. Together, they maintain the hydration dense, allowing for plump hydrated skin. Look for a good multivitamin with trace minerals, including zinc and copper.

The Sun as Friend and Enemy

It’s well established that prolonged sunlight will crack and dry skin. Get some sunlight each day when possible, as your body will keep the vitamin D for winter . Just cover your face and other body parts you do not need to expose. It requires 50 glasses of D-fortified milk to equal exactly what your skin can create in 15 minutes of summer sun, so a little goes a long way.