Herzförmig für die Stars.

By incorporating these tips and techniques you can manifest the love of your life very quickly!

Get Love

When you love yourself unconditionally, you make and draw energy toward yourself. Remembering that you are Divine Energy, makes loving yourself unconditionally come naturally. All of us came from the same Divine Energy and everything is made of the energy, including you!

Quantum Physics teaches that nothing is fixed, there are no limits and what’s vibrating Energy. God as infinite intelligence, the source of information: energy, matter, and needless to say, also time and space, the structure and the fabric of the world. I then show the way through biological responses individuals are capable of experiencing first, bits and pieces of the infinite intelligence and, finally, the infinite unbounded intelligence, right.” You’re “God” with a human experience, so forgive yourself for making any mistakes, learn the lessons from “being human” and proceed! When you fully immerse yourself in Divine, unconditional love of self you’ll feel exuberant, happy and deeply calm.

To assist you get into an unconditionally loving place, treat yourself to a short meditation of self love every morning and every evening. Close your eyes, take some deep breaths, get relaxed and concentrated. Once you are in a meditative state, feel your relationship with Divine Energy and understand that you’re Divine. Feel your powerful love for Divine (God) deep in your spirit. Feel and KNOW that you’re this Divine Energy. Feel thankful, happy and in love with yourself. Do this everyday for at least 5 minutes when you first wake up in the morning and every evening before bed. Appreciate and love yourself during the day. Take a few breaths and think “I love me! I AM DIVINE ENERGY AND LOVE!” And feel the entire acceptance and love to yourself.

When you remember and embrace your own Divinity, you’ll be grounded in self love and wholeness, not looking to others to “complete” or support you. You’re whole, complete and in love with yourself, therefore, fully present when interacting with other people.

Get Clear

Once you’ve developed a healthy, loving relationship with yourself, the next step is to become clear about the sort of person you want to draw into your life. “You absolutely have to choose what you would like. If I call up a travel agent and say, “I’d love to go on holiday,” they are going to say ,”Where would you like to go?” I could say “Some place warm,” but eventually they are going to force me to pick. Until I decide, they can not help me get there. Neither can the reticular activating system in mind, what I call your Inner GPS.” A excellent exercise on getting apparent starts listing all the qualities you want to experience in your perfect partner. Write everything that comes to mind, such as integrity, honesty, great sense of humor, active, healthy, smart, terrific chemistry, wants children, financially secure, loves to travel… Once you have your list, circle the items which are “must haves.” To put it differently, if your perfect partner doesn’t have those qualities, it would be a deal breaker. Consider all you haven’t circled a “preference.” For instance, a “must have” could be “he must be a non-smoker” and a taste may be, “I prefer her to be attractive.” Remember, you’re meeting a “soul” in a human body. The body is temporary and the true connection is with the spirit, so let things such as body type, height, weight and race be tastes (if at all); they’re really not that significant. Chemistry is a funny thing and comes in all shapes and sizes. Lifestyle, action level, spirituality and an adequate foundation of common interests are more important.

Once you’ve your must haves and tastes, get your creative juices flowing and write a narrative describing your perfect day with your perfect mate. Make it multi-sensory and live it up! Use present tense, like he’s already in your life. Make certain you include how your spouse will make you feel and what sort of energy and interactions you’ll experience together. For instance: “I wake up in the morning and feel the tropical breeze in my face, smell the gardenias in the air and listen to the calm sound of the sea waves off our balcony. I roll over and smile at my husband. His eyes light up as he hugs me and tells me how much he loves me. He’s the most loving, smart, kind, humorous, friendly, environmentally aware, spiritual guy I have ever met. My heart swells with gratitude and joy, feeling so happy and so in love! After our sumptuous breakfast and morning meditation we go for a swim in the ocean with the dolphins that frequent the cove where we reside. . .etc…” Go through your entire day like this and you won’t just be manifesting your perfect mate, you’ll be creating your ideal life!

Get Grateful

“With all I have read and all I have experienced in my own life working with The Secret, the energy of gratitude stands above all else. If you do just 1 thing with the understanding of The Secret, utilize gratitude until it becomes your way of life.” Now let us energize your story with the feelings of gratitude! Read your story out loud and envision he/she is ALREADY on your lifetime and FEEL joy and gratitude for the beautiful life you’ve created together! Now, actually expand those feelings and allow your heart fill with love. After doing so, let it go and whenever you consider it, imagine the fantastic life you’ve got together and understand that it is done. Feel grateful each time you consider it. Any feelings of doubt or skepticism will slow down the process or even stop it, so be confident and know it is done.

Get Busy

The last step in manifesting your partner is to TAKE ACTION! “You can not just wish for a Cadillac whilst sitting in your living room and have one setup in your driveway… So what you need to do is do it –with faith that it is going to come true.” The best approach to take action would be to place yourself in situations where you are able to meet other eligible singles. Join activity groups, take courses and do the things you like. Be open to meeting/dating an assortment of individuals “looks-wise;” recall, chemistry is a funny thing! Use your instinct to let Divine Energy direct you toward whom you should contact, be pro-active and initiate contact! Trust the Divine love you feel for yourself will be reciprocated by the ideal person. Just relax, be yourself, have fun and enjoy the process. Continue to feel thankful in advance and watch the sparks fly! Here’s to you and can you manifest your mate readily and joyfully!