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The achievement of planting herbs doesn’t just rely on the best way to take care of them but also on the time you plant your herbs. Herbs are different from one another and they also have different needs. However, all sorts of herbs are perfect to be planted during the fall season.


It’s true that herbs require a whole lot of sun to grow strong and healthy. However, this isn’t the case in regards to planting herbs. Seeds or cuttings of herbs are extremely sensitive to their surroundings that occasionally they will find it tough to survive. Too much sun brings with it too much humidity that may greatly impact the seeds or cuttings. The autumn season provides a cooler and less humid environment that’s excellent for your growing herbs.

Fall is the ideal time to plant your herbs in preparation for harvest during summertime.


More appropriate

Seeds and cuttings of herbs can grow well during autumn due to the cooler environment. When young, they do not need too much sunlight. If you prefer your herbs to endure, you must plant them when there is less humidity in the atmosphere. The best means to do this is by planting them in pots during autumn. By doing this, you can set them on your window where they can have access to sufficient sunlight. In instances wherein there isn’t enough sunlight, you can use fluorescent lights to supply adequate heat to your herbs.

More convenient

Planting herbs in the autumn involve planting them in pots or containers that you can move around the house. You no longer need to worry about keeping them safe from the own pets or going through the troubles of watering them because they are situated in a safe place that’s near you. Additionally, they can grow stronger roots that are important so as to survive. Once you grow your herbs in the autumn, it is likely that they will be big enough to be transplanted throughout spring. You can transplant them in larger pots or containers or in your herb garden. When summer comes, they’ll be ready for drying or harvest for future use.

More practical

Aside from sunlight, herbs need moisture so as to grow. Therefore, it is most practical to plant your seeds or cuttings during autumn because they have higher odds of survival. During autumn, the sun isn’t too hot as to cause very significant humidity. Your herbs will also secure enough moisture too. However, when winter comes, it’s safer to put them indoors or in a greenhouse.


It’s a fact that planting herbs in the autumn is the most appropriate step you need to consider when you start growing your own herbs. However, not all herbs are best grown in the autumn. There are those that can be planted anytime of the year or during other seasons. The best thing you should do is to learn more about the herbs you’re planning to plant or seek the help of experts particularly those who have their own herb gardens at home.