Is coconut oil good for your skin? The solution is simply, Yes. Not only is it great for your skin but aids in the aging process and is also a wonderful moisturizer for the skin. To not be in danger of employing some toxins from pesticides, use organic coconut oil on your skin. It’s quite safe to use on kids, even infants and it’s excellent for the skin.

Einige andere Anwendungen von Kokosnussöl für Ihre Haut sind:

      • Lotion – use it as a natural and basic skin lotion.
      • Make up Remover – great as an eye makeup remover.
      • Age Spots – aids in lightening those age spots when you rub it directly on your skin.
      • Sun Screen – great using it as a sun protection and helps in preventing those sun burns. It’s a natural SPF 4 Sunscreen.
      • Massage oil – utilized as a tropical massage oil in your skin.
      • Moisturizer – use it as a night time face lotion.
      • Soothing – helps sooth psoriasis or eczema and also helps sooth poison ivy or chicken pox.
      • Allergies – when you’ve got allergies, simply rub some coconut oil on the inside of your nose to help alleviate the symptoms.
      • Shave Cream or Lotion – use it as a natural substitute for additional shaving lotions or aftershaves.
      • Dry Skin – use with a combination of salt and oil to assist in removing the dry skin on your feet.
      • Lotion – utilized as a natural baby lotion.
      • Elbows – use everyday by massaging your elbows to help eliminate dry and flaky elbows.
      • Body Balm – whip it with shea butter to make a excellent body balm.
      • Anti aging – use it on your face as a natural anti aging moisturizer.

Natürliche Windelcreme

1/2 c. Kokosnussöl, je 1 Esslöffel Ringelblumen- und Kamillenblüten, 1/4 c. Sheabutter.

First heat a couple inches of water over medium high heat in a small pan. Melt the coconut oil in addition to the boiling water in a glass bowl. Add the flowers and heat on low to medium heat for about one hour or until the oil turns yellow and you’ll be able to shell the camomile. If water melts keep adding a little more water to maintain the amount the same.

Die Blüten vorsichtig abseihen und dabei so viel Öl wie möglich zurückbehalten (mit einem Metallsieb oder Käsetuch), dabei darauf achten, dass die ganzen Blüten entfernt werden.

Mischen Sie das Öl und die Sheabutter in einem Mixer oder einer Küchenmaschine, bis eine Paste entsteht. Bewahren Sie sie in einem kleinen Glas auf und verwenden Sie sie nach Bedarf. Wenn Sie Stoffwindeln verwenden, achten Sie darauf, eine Einlage zu benutzen. Eine kleine Menge reicht völlig aus.

I hope this helps you to observe that using coconut oil is great for your skin and is extremely healthy and natural to use. Using coconut oil as a natural ingredient is far better for you and your skin as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.


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