Weihrauch auf einem alten Küchenlöffel - Sandelholz

Wenn Sie zu den unzähligen Menschen da draußen gehören, die mit Akne und den daraus resultierenden Narben zu kämpfen haben, wird es Sie freuen zu hören, dass es einige wirklich tolle Hausmittel gibt, die gut funktionieren, um die Narben zu beseitigen. Eine noch bessere Nachricht ist, dass Sie wahrscheinlich sogar heute damit beginnen können, indem Sie einige Grundzutaten aus Ihrem Küchenschrank sammeln.

Natürliche Behandlung

And even when you don’t have all the necessary ingredients to begin you can go to the health food shop or your neighborhood grocery store and picked them up easily. What I’m going to do with this guide is to give you five very easy acne scar home remedies which you can put together on your kitchen in no time flat.

Sandelholz und Rosenwasser

The first one I would like to tell you about is a glue that comes from a mix of Sandalwood and rosewater. Sandalwood it simple to discover any local health food store in addition to rosewater. If you get them all you need to do is mix them together until they form a paste and apply it to your acne scars on a daily basis. With a small amount of time, likely a period of a couple weeks, you’re likely to see the scars lighten up and you’ll see that your skin will look a lot healthier.


Ein zweites Hausmittel, über das ich sprechen möchte, ist die Art und Weise, wie man Mitesser und die daraus entstehende Narbenbildung reduziert. Für dieses Mittel werden wir Rettichsamen und Wasser verwenden, die zu einer Paste vermischt werden. Anstatt diese Paste einfach nur auf die eigene Haut aufzutragen, werden wir diesen Kleber als Peeling verwenden. Sie wollen dieses Peeling jeden Tag zu verwenden und im Laufe der Zeit werden Sie sehen, Ihre Narben aufhellen und Ihre Haut wird beginnen, gesünder aussehen.


The next home remedy for acne that I wish to talk about is one that is made out of Sesame seeds. Yes, believe it or not Sesame seeds. This home remedy is more for acne scars with a tenderness to them or those which are all sore and inflamed. If you choose the Sesame seeds and mix them with water you can use them to your skin and it’ll function to cool down the inflammation and heal your scars. With a small amount of time you may come to understand that your acne scarring is radically reduced.

Essig und Salz

The fourth very effective remedy I have for you is to make vinegar and salt into a paste. All you’ve got to do is rub this glue on the regions affected by the acne scars and you’ll soon see a decline in the redness and additionally, it will prevent any new blemishes from forming. For the best results you want to bring this mixture to your skin care routine daily.


The last remedy I wish to share with you now but absolutely not the least, is that the citric acid that’s contained in lemons. This acid functions as a wonderful toner for your skin and works well to lighten up your scars. It doesn’t matter how you choose, you can either use it as straight lemon juiceor you could peel it and grind the peel in a blender. You then need to use the lemon mixture to your acne affected areas on a daily basis. You don’t need to leave it on your skin for too long however, only a span of five or 10 minutes, then you need to wash it off with mild soap and water.


Just as I promised, there you go, a listing of five easy acne scar home remedies which could be mixed up in only a matter of a couple of minutes on your kitchen. There’s absolutely not any requirement for you to ever have to spend a fortune on all that expensive pharmaceutical garbage that makes those huge claims for scar decreasing. Because you now have the capacity to take care of your busy scars easily and efficiently with very minimal damage to your pocketbook. It’s wonderful to actually have the ability to use nature’s healing power for a change instead of having to rely on harsh chemicals and pharmaceutical companies to receive those lasting results that you’re longing for.