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Capsicum annuum 'Bell'

Bell_pepper (Wikipedia)

Bell pepper
Green, yellow, and red bell peppers
SpeciesCapsicum annuum
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The bell pepper (also known as sweet pepper, pepper, or capsicum /ˈkæpsɪkəm/) is the fruit of plants in the Grossum cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum. Cultivars of the plant produce fruits in different colors, including red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple. Bell peppers are sometimes grouped with less pungent chili varieties as "sweet peppers". While they are fruitsbotanically classified as berries—they are commonly used as a vegetable ingredient or side dish. The fruits of the Capsicum genus are categorized as chili peppers.

Peppers are native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. Pepper seeds were imported to Spain in 1493 and then spread through Europe and Asia. The mild bell pepper cultivar was developed in the 1920s, in Szeged, Hungary. Preferred growing conditions for bell peppers include warm, moist soil in a temperature range of 21 to 29 °C (70 to 84 °F).

Bell Pepper (Wiktionary)



bell pepper (countable and uncountable, plural bell peppers)

  1. (US) Capsicum annuum, an edible spicy-sweet fruit, originating in the New World.


  • sweet pepper



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