Koreanische Melone

Gelbe orientalische Melone auf Holztisch

Cucumis melo var. Makuwa

Orientalische Melone
Oriental_melon (Wikipedia)

Oriental melon
Korean melon1.jpg
SpeciesCucumis melo
Cultivar groupmakuwa

The Oriental melon (Cucumis melo Makuwa Group), also known as the Korean melon, is a group of Cucumis melo cultivars that is cultivated in East Asia. Phylogenetic studies tracing the genetic lineage of the plant suggest that it may have originated in eastern India, having then spread to China over the Silk Road, from which it was introduced to Korea and Japan. Its flavour has been described as a cross between a honeydew melon and a cucumber. It is noticeably less sweet than Western varieties of melon, and consists of about 90% water. The fruits are commonly eaten fresh; with its thin rind and small seeds, the melon can be eaten whole.

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