Does yerba mate stop cancer or promote cancer? This beverage is known for its health benefits and cancer-preventing properties, however, recent studies indicate otherwise. While studies have been conducted to improve the capacity of the drink, studies have found it out may also lead to possible harm to the body.

Yerba Mate

This age old favorite has been associated with certain cancers like mouth and esophageal cancers. Some studies indicate that this is could be attributed to the temperature where yerba mate is consumed. As this beverage is traditionally enjoyed in very hot water it might cause issues as any drink consumed in high temperature can damage the mucous membranes that line the mouth and esophagus. Although this may only address mucous membranes related cancers there have been additional worries that certain cancers like lung cancer and Non-Hodgkins lymphoma could also have been attributed to drinking yerba mate.


Many of the food and beverages we consume contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which, in massive quantities, are carcinogenic, or cancer-causing. Researchers have discovered that yerba mate has substantial amounts of PAHs. Moreover, traditional preparations of drinking this beverage place us in a greater risk of developing cancer. Since the conventional manner is brewing the leaves in a gourd and using the very same leaves repeatedly, there’s a higher probability of getting more PAHs from it, in contrast to single brewing and brewing the leaves.

Another notion is that the way the leaves are processed and since leaves are smoke-dried. This technique produces more PAH in leaves. PAH content in the leaves may be significantly decreased by air drying. Studies reveal it can lower PAH content up to 80% compared to smoke-dried leaves.

Nutzen für die Gesundheit

However, regardless of the studies conducted on yerba mate and cancer, it’s continued to be promoted by its own health benefits. This brewed beverage contains caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant. It contains vitamins and minerals and also has antioxidant properties. So again, although one study says it might be a bad thing to take into your body, yet another one is saying that there are positive side effects to consume this yummy treat.


Whatever you consider the study on yerba mate, it’s good to bear in mind that everything we consume should be in moderation. If you’re a yerba mate drinker, be certain you observe practices that decrease its carcinogenic amounts and drink an assortment of other drink that gives you the exact same health benefit at a lower health risk. You must always be changing the fluids you choose in and moderation is obviously the secret to everything in life. Too much of something will nearly always have a negative effect on your life, and this drink is no exception to this rule. Although some studies have demonstrated that there’s a potential link between this beverage and other cancer risks there also have been other studies which have shown it to have beneficial properties for the health; so ultimately it’s your decision to ascertain what your feelings are seeing this beverage.


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