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High Blood Pressure also called hypertension is a modern age disease and is generally termed as a silent killer. In this modern world people have become so active in their life that they barely get some fantastic time to spend with friends and loved ones. Thus the enhanced physical and psychological pressure on the human body leads to the growth of blood pressure than usual.

Blood pressure

For calculating blood pressure physicians take advantage of device called sphygmomanometer. The highest noted pressure at the time of heart beat is termed as systolic pressure and the reduced pressure is called diastolic pressure. Every human being is intended to have the normal blood pressure around 120/80. Anything above is termed as such pressure and anything under that is termed as reduced blood pressure.


The foremost cause of the pressure is usually witness for a pain in the neck, back or head when waking up in the morning and it disappears after sometime. Other causes of high BP are palpitations, dizziness, frequent urination, heartache, fatigue, breathing issues and nervous tension.

However the principal reason for high blood pressure is improper living style and anxiety. Alcoholism, smoking and excessive consumption of tea, coffee and processed foods prevents in expelling the toxins or waste from the body. Apart from this, causes like obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis also lead to hypertension. Excessive consumption of salt, ingestion of low fiber and high fat diet also lead to those stress.

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For treating high blood pressure garlic is found to be the best home remedy. It’s advised that the consumption of 3 cloves daily help in controlling these pressure within the body.

Indische Stachelbeere

To heal these Indian gooseberry also prove as an effective home remedy. It’s suggested that one tablespoon of anal juice mixed with honey should be consumed daily in the morning to have best results.


The use of grapefruit juice daily assists in regulating the normal pressure of the blood within the body.


The seeds of watermelon are really helpful in curing these. It’s advised that the use of seeds in roasted and dried form daily might assist in bringing the blood pressure to the normal.


Rice being low cholesterol, low salt and low fat in character turns out to be an effective treatment for treating hypertension.


For curing high BP potatoes plays a very major role. The consumption of boiled potatoes may assist in reducing the high pressure in the blood.


To cure high blood pressure skillet functions as an effective remedy. It’s advised that 20gms of parsley leaves should be boiled with 250 ml of water and this decoction ought to be drunk numerous times daily.

Vegetable Juices

The juice of raw vegetables especially carrot or spinach demonstrates as an effective home remedy for treating high blood pressure. It’s suggested to consume raw vegetable juice twice daily for bringing high BP to normal condition.

Dietary Recommendations

Persons with high blood pressure symptoms will need to stick to the well- balanced diet together with good rest and exercise. Reduce the use of protein rich diet and include fresh fruits and veggies to your diet plan. Excess use of salt than ordinary quantity should be rigorously avoided. It’s suggested to stick on vegetarian diet to keep the standard pressure of blood in the body. Proper sleep, diet and tension-free mindset are among the important remedies to follow along with the individual suffering from hypertension.