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Glaucoma is a state of the eye where if not treated early may cause blindness. Since there isn’t any pain or other symptoms, it usually remains undetected until vision is diminished. Peripheral vision is lost when the optic nerve becomes damaged due to the rise in IOP or intraocular pressure.

How to Treat Glaucoma With Acupuncture

Eye drops and laser surgery may be used to control eye pressure. Laser surgery can help lower eye pressure for a certain proportion of patients, but patients need more surgery after a couple of years when the root cause of glaucoma isn’t addressed.

If a patient has had over two surgeries, usually scar tissue builds up and the pressure can’t be lowered by surgery readily. So many men and women would rather try a noninvasive procedure at first, particularly if eye pressure isn’t very high. One of those methods is acupuncture for glaucoma, which is a traditional and ancient type of Chinese medicine.

How Acupuncture Lowers Eye Pressure

If the individual was diagnosed with glaucoma in its early stages, then acupuncture and acupressure can be extremely effective. In the subsequent stages of glaucoma, it’s much better to unite eye drops with acupuncture and acupuncture.

The insertion of fine needles enhances flow of fluids around the eye without causing dry eyes or disease, if performed by an experienced acupuncturist. Especially when patients have a couple of laser surgeries and eye pressure is still quite high, then acupuncture two to three times each week may be the ideal option.

Takes Care of Overall Health of those Eyes

Acupuncture also helps to improve eyesight and slow down degeneration of the optic nerve. Acupuncture for glaucoma supports the integrity and function of the optic nerve. The optic nerve usually is ruined because blood circulation to the eyes decreases.

Acupuncture raises retrobulbar circulation that helps not only in decreasing intraocular pressure but also speeding up fluid flow in and out of their eyes. Researchers have found that even the visual acuity in people suffering from glaucoma can be enhanced when at least a few sessions of acupuncture are performed every week.

Faster and Better Results

Most experts recommend those patients suffering from glaucoma consider opting for a couple sessions of acupuncture each month, because eye drops can lead to severe dryness and reduce fluid flow around the eyes.

Clinically, when patients visit an acupuncturist at least one time per week and practice acupressure daily one or two times, they can diminish the eye drop dosage to avoid dryness and disease in their eyes.

Furthermore, patients reported eyesight acuity enhanced by combing glaucoma acupuncture and eye drops. The needles which are inserted are kept for approximately 30 minutes around neck, eyes, hands and feet, and the thickness of the insertion is about 3-10mm.