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Acne is an inflammatory skin problem that’s visualized by pimples on the face, torso and or back. The issue affects 20% of girls. It occurs when the pores of skin become blocked with oil, dead cells or bacteria.

Akne vulgaris

The most common type of acne is Acne vulgaris. When the oil glands in the skin secretes excess oils and joins with dead cells, then it blocks the hair follicles. The oil secretions beneath the skin pores which are clogged provide an environment in which the acne causing bacteria multiples. Diet can affect acne. Red meats, sugar, white flour and dairy products may cause the issue more.

Acne causes scars in the skin. This may result in some psychological issues. However, you will find effective treatment methods available to control acne. Natural skin care products help reducing acne to a wonderful extent. Products containing Aloe Vera gel can help in rejuvenating the skin. It helps to detoxify the skin and so reduces the inflammation which can produce acne.

So as to eliminate acne completely, the skin has to be hydrated. Essential moisture from the skin prevents blocked pores. Drinking tons of water and carrying fresh fruits and vegetables can help to preserve the moisture from the skin.

Many skin care products available on the marketplace contain harsh chemicals that may aggravate the acne skin disease. Skin care products containing natural vegetable and fruit extracts can help reducing the acne issues. These products offer crucial anti-oxidants and thereby shield skin against acne.

It’s sensible to cleanse skin thoroughly with anti-microbial cleaner prior to applying any cream. It’s important to not scrub the skin because scrubbing can increase the acne issue. In actuality, skin becomes irritated when scrubbing and it has a tendency to produce more oil. This makes the acne condition worse. After drying the skin well with a clean towel, then you may apply the cream.

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There are a number of home remedies for acne. These fantastic and effective home remedies dates back to our ancestors. Some of these remedy ought to be quite effective since they are as old as our ancestors. You can make a combination of garlic paste, a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and the frequent toothpaste that’s located in the supermarket.


You can also drink lots of water since it would prevent the majority of your skin issues. On a very simple note you may divide your body weight into half and drink at least that many ounces of water daily. Brisk walking and decent exercise regime could be of great assistance. Some form of active exercise such as aerobics will bring in a great deal of oxygen supply to your cells and keep your skin healthy and shining.

There are nevertheless lot of myths concerning acne. One such very common myth is that acne is caused by regular dirt and surface oil within the skin. So vigorous washing of the face to eliminate acne is a fantasy. Actually it would make matters worse. Washing your face with harsh soaps may possibly result in a further aggravation of the tissue.

There’s a distinctive school of thought that believes that acne is caused as a result of stress. Well the study conducted on the exact same indicates that stress alone isn’t a factor that contributes to the growth of acne but may aggravate the condition further.

Acne can linger for several years and might become worse. It shouldn’t be allowed run its course and must be suitably treated when the source is clearly identified. There are special soaps known as the acne soaps which may be used by all patients experiencing this problem. This soap is quite effective in removing the dirt, impurities and another kind of infection. You will find variety of acne soaps which can be found on the market. These additives should be used based on the sort of the acne and skin. Acne soaps may be used twice a day to get rid of acne.