Spukhaus im Halloween-Wald

Fear is just a state of mind. YOU make it to manifest into a concrete thing. How does this affect your activities and ideas as you expand your horizons? Why does this prevent you from moving towards your dreams/visions? Let’s take a close look at this stealer of your dreams.

Zunächst einmal weiß ich, dass Sie alle verstehen, dass F.E.A.R. nichts anderes ist als False Evidence Appearing Real. Wenn Sie das wissen, warum hat dann die Angst diesen Einfluss auf Sie?

Like Marie Curie said: Nothing in life is to be feared. It’s only to be known.

Aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht hat die Angst ihren Ursprung im Reptilien- oder Echsengehirn. Dieser kleinste Bereich des Gehirns neigt dazu, einen enormen Einfluss auf unser tägliches Leben zu haben. Es schützt automatische Dinge wie den Puls, die Atmung und die Verdauung. Das Eidechsenhirn ist auch mit Überlebensinstinkten beschäftigt. Wenn es Gefahr wittert, reagiert es mit Kampf- oder Fluchtreaktionen. Sowohl in Bezug auf körperliche als auch auf geistige Gefahren. Diese Reaktion hat in vielen Facetten unseres Lebens gut funktioniert, aber Angst ist zu unserer Nemesis geworden.

We base our activities on fear daily. When we come up against something new or different, we become nervous & uncomfortable. This causes us to pause and assess our choices. Indecision crystallizes into uncertainty and the mixing of both of these results in fear. This is where disconnects happen. We tend to rely on “gut feelings” to make decisions, so of course we stop dead in our tracks and opt not to take that next, frightening step.

What we don’t recognized is that anxiety originates from our lizard brain, not from our “gut instincts.” Two totally different sources of the thought processes we use daily. As a matter of fact, listening to dread cuts us off from the Source. The Source is our true connection to motivated action. This is what helps us in stepping into new experiences.

Many different primary fears are recorded in magazines or books. If you peel off the layers of any panic, you find just 2 primary fears -“Am I worthy?” & “Can I be loved?” I feel that these two are inseparable. Let’s look at a few examples, shall we?

Fear of Poverty – If I do not have sufficient money, I’m not worthy of anything good and nobody could ever love me.
Fear of Criticism – I can not handle being criticized because it makes me feel unworthy and unloved.
Fear of Loss of Love – Definitely brings up feelings of unworthiness and being unlovable.
Fear of Old Age – Old individuals are disregarded & ignored in society so I wouldn’t be worthy of anyone’s love or esteem.
Fear of Death – This one has so many connotations from both spiritual and practical viewpoints. I’ll enable you to select your own examples based on your own views.

After reading through these instances, does this give you something to ponder? Without beating these fears, you will always be governed by them. It does not mean that your fears disappear. It means you acknowledge a panic when it seems and proceed through it knowing that it’s nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. Since Fear is merely a State of Mind; you choose, you decide.

Remember that have complete control over your thoughts! This is the Master Key to your life! Once you truly understand this, you also understand how impactful this can be. Awareness enables possibilities for change. With this in mind, you may again see ways to step forward into unknown territory. Yes, there’s still the element of fear to contend with, but you control your response to fear.

This Master Key is subjective and very powerful. You have the privilege of producing, in your own head, a burning desire to get a definite vision or aim. You have the option to look fear in the eye and say, “I’m in charge here. Go away!” Step up and conquer “self.” Prepare your mind for everything will come your way as you follow your dream.