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When you feel that your energy begin to lag, stand up and do a couple of minutes of stretching.


First, stretching makes you breath deeply which provides your mind with more oxygen and an increase in not only energy but concentration. Second, stretching releases the tension built up in your muscles and energy along with it. Third, moving around and breathing deeply results on your lymphatic system releasing toxins from the body, which makes you feel great.


We forget that the purpose of food is to supply us with fuel for life. Studies have shown that eating smaller meals is better for your body and helps boost your metabolism. Having a healthy metabolism can help control weight gain and consequently give you more energy. Be sure that you don’t skip breakfast, it sets up your body for the day and gives your metabolism a jump start.


This is something we have all heard over and over but still continue to be slack about. If you find it tough to find enough water or simply don’t like to drink it, try sipping small amounts of water every 30 minutes. This will make getting those recommended eight glasses a much less daunting task and provide you a little boost of energy in an intermittent basis. Additionally, it will help make certain your kidneys are properly hydrated, which then supports the filtering of chemical and environmental toxins from the body.


Magnesium is required for breaking down glucose into energy. The recommended daily dose is between 300-700 mg but shouldn’t exceed 1200 milligrams. Since most individuals don’t eat balanced diets it’s simple to have a magnesium deficiency. Some great food sources high in magnesium are black beans, halibut, spinach, okra and whole grain cereal, just to mention a few.


Ingesting potassium can raise your energy in only a couple hours. Potassium is a mineral your body needs to convert sugar in your blood . While most of us know that bananas are a terrific source of potassium, potatoes really have twice as much but all veggies are a great source especially leafy veggies. Other options for people who aren’t excited about their vegetables are whole grains (oats, rye), oranges, dates, grapes, raisins, figs, apricots, peaches, sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruits and mint leaves.


Smelling peppermint may reduce levels of fatigue and increase endurance. Pfefferminz stimulates the trigeminal nerve, the same nerve that’s effected by smelling salts. Take a long sniff of peppermint oil the next time you require a boost Also try drinking peppermint tea. When made with whole, fresh peppermint leaves you might also get some extra potassium while you’re at it!


We assume that getting more sleep will boost our energy, but the truth is it may have the opposite effect. When we sleep our body produces extra melatonin When we sleep we wake up with an excess degree of melatonin It requires our bodies more to regulate this level down to normal, leaving us feeling lethargic. Number 8 is a way to assist this procedure.


Whether we get too much sleep or not bright light treatment is a really practical way to help boost our energy levels, especially in the morning. Bright light treatment, or photo treatment, uses artificial light to deliver the melatonin levels back to normal quickly. Exposure to bright light, either natural or not, has been proven to boost vitality because light stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain and this in turn enhances motivation and mood. Spending more time outdoors or by windows to receive in-direct sunlight. If you work in an office that just exposes one to fluorescent lighting make certain to take regular breaks outside or sit near windows.