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We’ve plunged into the sea depths, climbed the highest peaks and even left our footprints on the moon. We maintain an absolute right to self determination and resolutely invent the world to match our requirements. Yes indeed, man is top of the heap. Yet a small bug continues to confuse and conquer our best attempts to bludgeon it into submission. Influenza or the garden or common influenza, still resists all mans best laid plans to relegate it to a dusty exhibit from the natural sciences museum and likely will for all time.

The Flu

Flu affects millions of people annually and is thought to affect up to 50 percent of the populace of countries like the US every winter. The virus is predominantly airborne and may endure, un-hosted, in that environment for hours. Using the 1 medium we can’t survive with no transfer vehicle, influenza has a certain fire survival and propagation mechanism, and it has proven exceptionally tough to contain. So, what do we do about this pesky parasite? Do we simply resign ourselves to the coughing, sore throats and coughing, or is there something we can do to strengthen the ramparts and keep the little monster at bay? And better still, a means to do it that does not soak us in sufficient antibiotics and other medications to induce us to glow in the dark? Fortunately there are lots of natural flu remedies and preventative measures.

Flu Causes

Flu, like most bullies, will rarely select the brawny star linebacker. It is going to initially seek out the weak and the vulnerable among us, so our first line of defence ought to be our own immune systems. A powerful, normally functioning immune system isn’t a guarantee you won’t contract all flu strains, but will surely ward off most. As a matter of fact, fostering or helping or immune systems ought to be a life long standard in our quest for better health. Let’s take a look at a range of non drug based, natural flu remedies.


This is an essential first line natural flu remedy. Fighting off elevated toxicity levels drains our immune systems and may turn into a chink in the armour allowing flu to take hold. Try embarking on a detox program at The Fall and spring. This will lighten the load to your immune system and make it easier for you to resist opportunistic infections.


Attempt to cut down or even eliminate sugar completely out of your diet during the run up to influenza open season. Sugar can suppress the immune system by increasing insulin levels which then inhibit the release of growth hormones. Additionally, it competes with vitamin C for absorption by the white blood cells that are our primary defence mechanism in a cellular level. Not only is that a excellent natural flu remedy but an essential general wellness tip.


A diet rich in vegetables and fruit is also an exceptional natural flu remedy. They’re a ready supply of immune system boosting vitamins and minerals which go a long way to strengthening our body’s natural defences.


Keep your body hydrated. An adequate supply of clean water aids our bodies to get rid of toxins and can end up being the easiest natural flu remedy.

Exercise and Sunshine

Daily exercise assists in the promotion of overall physical and psychological health and strength. Sunlight causes our bodies to make vitamin D and one should take a vitamin D supplement when getting out into sunlight on a regular basis isn’t feasible.


Adequate sleep permits for our bodies, specifically our immune systems to recharge. Most of our sleep associated healing occurs between 10 pm and 3 am so the old adage about early to bed holds true. Sleep derivation is also not something that you can compensate for so do not get in the practice of burning the candle at both ends.


Vitamin C is among the very best weapons in our own bodies natural defence arsenal. A good, reputable vitamin supplement is an essential natural flu remedy.

If our persistent little viral buddy does penetrate your defences and you do come down with influenza, there are a few natural or natural flu remedies you can bear in mind.

Oregano oil

A drop of peppermint oil in an ounce of warm water may be utilised as an inhalant to clear nasal congestion. 3 to 5 drops of this mixture in a gel or veggie capsule can be taken orally as an analgesic. Oregano oil is a powerful antibacterial, anti-viral and pain killing natural flu remedy.


Yet again, keep up your fluid intake. Plenty of fresh vegetable juice or pure water retains up fluid levels, replenishes vitamins electrolytes and minerals and flushes toxins out.


At this stage in the conflict your body needs all of the vitamin C it can become so lots of freshvitamin C rich fruit can assist in banishing the influenza bug in short order. Avoid juicing the fruit that could result in insulin spikes. Rather eat the entire fruit.


Echinacea tablets or tea addresses sore throat and coughing and may also boost the immune system shortening the length of infection.


Not surprisingly many, if not all these remedies are also fundamental good health tips. One thing is for certain though, if you maintain your bodies natural defence mechanism working at its peak level, flu isn’t the only nasty bug you will likely be seeing a lot!