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Blepharitis is an inflammatory condition involving the eyelids and the skin surrounding the eyes. The typical symptoms include pain, itching, swelling and irritation. There might be crusting or flaking in the corners of the eye. Cysts sometimes form in the lid margins. People with Blepharitis often suffer from styes, also. Red or yellow bumps may appear along with the eyelids.


The cause could be a staph infection, which may heal quickly or become recurrent. The recurrent infections are more common in humid climates.

Another sort of Blepharitis is known as rosacea-associated. It primarily affects individuals with rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition.

Allergies are another reason for the condition. When allergies are involved, the skin around the eyes appears darker than normal, giving the look of a black eye or dark circles under the eyes.

Poor hygiene might be a cause or contributing factor. Dietary factors that result in inflammation throughout the body and poor nutrition that leads to a weakened immune system are other likely causes.


A comprehensive program is advised for folks that suffer with chronic or recurrent Blepharitis. A prescription antibiotic ointment may be necessary for an acute illness.

Care needs to be taken by women who use mascara to replace it frequently and throw it away if an infection occurs. Bacteria from the eyelids will be transferred into the tube and can give rise to recurrent infections.

A complete program would deal with the causes, the symptoms and the factors that lead to Blepharitis.


To be able to reduce the chance of disease, you need to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your eyes or adding contacts. You need to keep your bathroom surfaces clean by using an orange oil cleaner.

You may find hand soaps and facial washes that contain active manuka honey, which has natural antibacterial action, proven to be effective for killing staph. It is also possible to employ an eye contour gel which has active manuka honey round your lids daily.

Rosacea, Inflammation and Allergies

Rosacea is an inflammatory illness. Eating too many simple carbohydrates leads to inflammation throughout your body. So, whether you’ve got the rosacea type or not, if the problem is chronic, you have chronic inflammation.

The dietary variables most often responsible for chronic inflammation is consuming a lot of simple carbohydrates; breads and baked goods, pasta and white rice, white potatoes and yellow corn. Mais oil is another issue, due to its prevalence and its high content of omega-6 fatty acids, which can be converted to inflammatory hormones. Changing your diet could be critical.

It is possible to handle the issue of inflammation from the inside out by taking omega-3 fish oil, a natural anti inflammatory and a excellent multi-nutritional supplement such as Total Balance. Herbal extracts such as turmeric and piperine have natural anti inflammatory activity. The supplements will also strengthen your immune system, which reduces your risks of disease and can decrease allergic reactions.

It is possible to handle the issue of inflammation and redness from the outside in by using skincare products comprising Functional Keratin. Functional Keratin prevents skin inflammation.

Dark Eyelids

An eye contour gel is your way to solve the symptom of eyes. Look for one that contains EYELISS and HALOXYL. The European components have been used for several years to stop and reverse dark circles under the eyes. They may also be used on the eyelids and in the corners of the eyes. Eye contour gel includes the EYELISS, HALOXYL and active manuka honey.

Advantages of This Program

Most men and women want to know what they should expect from a program like the one mentioned previously. They would like to know about the positive aspects. So, here they are.

• A possible end to chronic Blepharitis
• No more dark circles under the eyes
• No longer red eyelids
• No more pain
• A more youthful looking appearance