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All of us know the saying that prevention is much better than a cure, however frequently we realize this just a little too late when it comes to the flu and cold. A natural home remedy that will ‘knock the flu over the fence’ is seldom considered by the general populous. Even if it’s only 5 important elements to rid the body from the virus.

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Most individuals turn to enhanced prescribed drugs to ‘suppress’ and ‘alleviate’ the signs of the cold or flu. Everyone would probably agree that to eliminate the flu or cold all together from the body is far better than any half baked band aide pill or’make me feel better medication’. Natural methods are actually there for one to adopt right now, problem isthey are natural and do not come in a bottle or a pill.

When the body comes into contact with germs which are running rampant and in plaque proportions, the body can either be a’safe haven’ for the unwanted guest virus, or it may simply deny it with no where for the virus to’abide’ or require a strong hold and multiply and remain.

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For those who have a clean house (body) viruses and unwanted pests will just pass right through you. However, if you’re stuck with the virus, and it’s taking hold, and you begin to feel the consequences, you need to act fast and decisively. To flush the issue out naturally, you must consider drastic action. Good healthier food and herbs in the perfect dose, combined with a little additional sleep and rest.

Five important elements to rid your body from the undesirable flu virus and the common cold, for prompt action.

  • Stop damaging your body. Stop feeding your fragile energy conversion system (your body) with unclean foods, like sugars, excessive fats, alcohol and preservatives.
  • Clean your body. Drink loads of water, with at least 1/2 lemon squeezed into a glass, one in the morning, and one in the day served warm with honey.
  • Revitalize. Eat just’earthy’ whole foods such as beetroot, carrots, capsicum, peppers, turnips, spinach, garlic and onions. Avoid high starch potatoes and higher sugar fruits. No junk food, red meat or java. Have a vegetable juice in the morning for breakfast consisting of celery, carrots, 1/2 onion, ginger, spinach, beans, beetroot and sweat potato.
  • Purify. Somehow, with different foods, chew 1 clove of raw garlic. Knoblauch is a heart food which eliminates, burns and destroys undesirable pests and guests such as viruses. You may realize that this is a little to difficult to stomach, but trust me, garlic will rid everything in your body, (usually like your buddies for a day or so). Yes you may stink like garlic. Yes your belly will find a clean out. Yes you may experience a little’blotting’ of the gut. But that’s what it’s supposed to do. Clean out and purify the home. This, together with the 1/2 onion in the vegetable juice will do you good.
  • Rest and Re-cooperate. Whenever your body is attempting to take care of an invasion of a virus like the flu, your body will ache and groan and continue, which is it telling you to break. Give it time to rid of the virus, and re-cooperate and regenerate. Rest and sleep is the final key for this remedy. Without it you won’t recover properly.


Adhering to these simple, yet powerful principles, you’ll find a major difference in your demeanor. You will feel revitalized after-wards, but it is imperative you do not return to your bad eating polluting habits, or the problems will certainly return faster than you can completely recover.

Most men and women avoid these methods since they appear to easy and’offensive’, but it’s the difference between handling the issue, or just treating the symptoms only to return later in the long run. It’s your body, treat it nicely, and it’ll take care of you both now and later.