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The subject of how to treat genital warts is one that doesn’t get much coverage or publicity. It’s still regarded as a small taboo topic which shouldn’t be publicly discussed in society. This isn’t very useful if you happen to suffer from the issue and start searching for answers. Information can be obtained though if you’re ready to search a bit and you should be able to find loads of choices for how to treat genital warts.

Genitale Warzen

These are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) that is highly infectious and is among the most common sexually transmitted diseases. There are over 100 strains of the virus but only two have been determined to be directly responsible for this illness. Infection becomes a strong possibility if any contaminated skin around the genitals happens to come into contact with the same area of somebody else. Contracting the virus doesn’t guarantee you will actually get the related warts.

The options for treatment are readily accessible but a few will take long periods of time with no guarantee of success. In addition, you need to bear in mind that the HPV can’t really be treated so many treatments focus on elimination of the symptoms (which are typically the visible warts). Even if you successfully eliminate all warts, there’s still a possibility that they will return again at some point in time while the virus remains active.

Arten von chirurgischen Eingriffen

    • Cryosurgery – that involves freezing the applicable growths. But can leave a specific amount of scarring.
    • Electrocautery – this involves burning the warts off.
    • Trichloracetic acid – that strikes proteins of the cells that are abnormal.

There’s also the additional option of laser surgery which may also be considered for warts which are bigger and potentially more challenging to remove. This can be more expensive and the process must be carried out by a trained practitioner. It’s usually reserved for situations where other options have failed or when the victim is pregnant and have to avoid chemicals that might be a risk to the unborn child. While laser surgery ought to be successful in quickly eliminating any growths, it might take between two to four weeks to properly cure. There’s also a minor risk of this illness coming back right away as the treatment could affect your immune system and accidentally trigger the dormant virus.


Offensichtlich kann es möglich sein, für einige Schmerzen und Kosten aus den chirurgischen Verfahren zuvor erwähnt. Dies ist der Grund, warum die Menschen zunehmend auf Haus- und Naturheilmittel als Mittel, um einige der möglichen Probleme der Gesundheitsbehandlungen zu verhindern suchen. Einige dieser Behandlungen haben für viele Menschen über viele Jahre hinweg funktioniert, aber seien Sie sicher, dass Sie medizinischen Rat über den besten Weg zur Behandlung von Genitalwarzen suchen, bevor Sie selbst eine Behandlung durchführen.