Nahaufnahme der Hände des Masseurs, der Aromaöl auf den Rücken der Frau gießt. Die Masseurin bereitet sich auf eine orientalische Kurprozedur zur entspannenden Behandlung vor. Therapeutin bei der Aromatherapie-Ölmassage am Körper der Frau.

Aromatherapy is a remarkably versatile therapy. The therapeutic use of essential oils is so diverse, that lots of men and women limit the benefits which may be gained as they do not fully understand the huge selection of different applications.

Ätherische Öle

      • they can be added to organic foundation creams, lotions and gels so as to tailor-make your skincare preparations. This makes sure that you are giving your skin what it needs and that you understand what you are putting onto your skin is pure and unadulterated.
      • they may be added to vegetable base oils for massage. There’s a enormous assortment of base oils to select from, which lets you make a light or rich, curative oil to your massage, based on your skin type and the condition that you are treating.
      • You can use them to make your own bath and shower gels, shampoos, and body scrubs. Make certain that you choose SLS free choices if you would like to lower your chemical intake and have a more natural end-product.
      • They may also be used to create your own skin nurturing face masques, curative hot/cold compresses and for organic home fragrancing – the list is virtually endless!

Among the most effective therapeutic uses of essential oils nevertheless is possibly one of the lesser known technic. Aromatherapy Inhalations can be a really effective method of treating health issues. Symptoms often respond very quickly with inhalations since the oils’ effects are felt almost immediately.

Aromatherapie Inhalationen

Inhalations may be used for many different complaints. They are particularly valuable for respiratory infections, sinus issues, and viral diseases. They can also be helpful in treating emotional exhaustion, psychological distress, anxiety, and sleep difficulties.

The combination of steam and essential oils is also a terrific way to give yourself a miniature Spa Facial – that leaves your skin glowing and clear of excess oil. This is particularly helpful for oily/combination skin, in which blackheads and spots are an issue.

The main reason that inhalations are such an effective method of using aromatherapy oils, is the steam inhaled transfers the oil directly into the blood stream (often past the site of disease ) through the bloodstream rich lining of the lungs. The essential oils can work on the microbes causing the disease internally, and impart their medicinal properties”en route” as they travel through the mouthsdown the throats and in the lungs. Their pain killing, anti inflammatory, anti-viral and antiseptic properties therefore work from the inside out and the outside ! Along with this the oils are famous for raising the emotions, and as our degree of immunity is closely connected to our emotions their uplifting effect can help treat the”whole person” by fostering the spirits in addition to fighting infection.

Instructions for use

Take a large bowl and fill it with boiling water. Add your essential oils and instantly put your head directly over the bowl. Place a towel on your head and above the bowl to help seal in the steam. Inhale with your eyes shut for at least 5 minutes. Try to alternate breathing in through the nose and then the mouth so the therapeutic oils pass over any possible site of infection.

Oil blends for common ailments

      • Cold/Flu: 4 drops of Teebaum, 4 drops Bergamot, 1 fall Thymian, 1 drop Eukalyptus oder Ravensara.
      • Sinus Congestion: 4 drops of Tea Tree, 2 drops Zitrone, 1 fall Eucalyptus/Niaouli and 1 drop Pfefferminz.
      • Sore throat/Tonsilitis: 5 drops of Sandelholz, 4 drops Kiefer, 2 drops Thyme
      • Mental Exhaustion: 2 drops of Rosmarin, 1 fall Pappermint, 2 drops Neroli
      • Anxiety: 2 drops of Muskatellersalbei, 2 drops Neroli, 4 drops Bergamot, 4 drops Lavendel
      • Sleep: 4 drops of Majoran, 5 drops Lavender, 2 drops Neroli, 2 drops Kamille.
      • Oily Skin: 2 drops of Zypresse, 4 drops Geranie, 4 drops Lavender.

Note: Afterwards you may leave the bowl near radiator or heat source if safe, and allow the oils continue to vapourise in the room. Alternatively you can use the same oil mixes in an oil burner, diffuser or for creating your own room or pillow spray.