Engel fliegt im Tunnel der Seelen

Everyone has a story to tell. My life is full of angel stories. An experience can happen any place or time. Angels are related to recovery, rescues, comfort, guidance, protection and more. Their helpfulness is untiring. From my experience, the basis of all healing is forgiveness. Letting go of deep psychological wounds is part of this procedure. Forgiveness also contains the wounds we have caused others, which more than likely will create guilt if left ignored. Forgiveness is the angelic road to recovery. Many men and women accept the unbalanced method of living as normal. Angels find this kind of moral and religious ignorance intolerable. Angels are prepared to work with open minded and co-operative souls once we stop resisting and passing judgment. They often appear so we might have a glimpse of a nicer existence, which openly uses as its cure the energy of light and love.

Perhaps, you’ve had an angel encounter and didn’t recognize it as one. A close friend shared the following story. Her third child was five months old and was diagnosed with a respiratory virus which wasn’t improving after two long months of round-the-clock remedies. One evening, totally exhausted and on her knees praying, she looked up and saw two magnificent celestial beings. The angels in this particular case didn’t have discernible faces. Instead, they were veiled in forms of beautiful vibrating colours of glowing light. The colors were white, pink and blue.

The angels did not talk, nor did they have to. Instead, they radiated unconditional love. When we accept and love that there’s higher help, it is going to come to us at a time of need. Sincerity, thankful prayer and understanding that we aren’t alone invite a receptivity that opens a way to infinite possibilities. The discipline of everyday comtemplation, meditation and prayer are perfect tools in attaining a quiet and even state of mind. Meditation increases awareness, creates an intimacy with holiness and expands our greater Nature.

Angels have been busy in my life since childhood. Our physical bodies can be compared to a spacesuit. The angels help us when the bodies need repair or when the space suit breaks down beyond repair, which is death. Angels watch over the health of our soul attentively. One day, my youngest son came home from college with an injured ankle. He had an accident in the playground. By chance, the two people sat together in front of an old fashioned u-shaped dresser that comprised a full-length mirror at the middle of it. I placed my hands on his ankle and asked for a recovery. Two things happened. One, my son and I watched an great angel in the mirror. We had been so startled that we really jumped. Two, when we saw the angel, the pain left the ankle. It was healed.

A healing ministry started the week after my son was born. I unexpectedly found myself in a life threatening situation. I really gave my survival over to God. As a direct consequence of my surrender, I had been radically and physically treated. With a stunning recovery, my life took an entirely different direction. Healing in all its many forms became a focus until present time. Lectures and workshops on the topic of celestial helpers proved over and over again that angelic experiences are extremely common. I like to feel that in the future people will evolve to be angelic and live to serve God. To put into words what’s in my heart isn’t a simple job, particularly on this awesome subject. In peace and joy, I live with visions and healings, beauty and elegance. That which I’ve developed to experience as my reality is provided in the hopes that the examples will help explain a few of the questions you might have, support your personal experiences and offer hope that we are really loved.