Items are popping out of your stuffed cabinets and drawers that are packed, possibly stashed behind doors and under your mattress.

Feng Shui Cures For A Constipated House

There is a strong correlation between a healthy colon and a wholesome house. An unhealthy colon can seriously create a toxic atmosphere. Together with its partner, the lungs, the colon is responsible for input and output of pure and impure substances.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) considers human beings a reflection of mind body soul, and in feng shui we add the home environment to this trilogy of presence. It is a practical system of intake and output. When you correlate all this with your residence, where you replenish your supplies, but eventually collect more and more, there’s such a thing as a “constipated residence.”

This process of accumulation and removal is a function of the metal dynamics in the cycle of Chinese elements. When character reaches full capacity, it must remove what earth has been piling. Thus in fall fruit has to be harvested and trees will shed their leaves. Organisms contract inside themselves and prepare for hibernation and dormancy.

Plant nutrients are stored underground. Autumn is growing dominance of yin. Our tao connection to the plant kingdom is a vital part of the ecosystem as plants consume respiratory waste and create life-giving oxygen. The lungs are a constant reminder of ingestion with each inhale of fresh oxygen and output with each exhale of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

The lungs would be the official of rhythmic order, and the colon is the official of space clearing and elimination. It gets rid of extra baggage that’s been useful but is no longer needed. Chinese medicine sees the colon because the official that eliminates rubbish on each level. TCM also relates the lungs to the skin, describing it as the third lung. Cleansing, purity and refinement will be the continuing mandate on the schedule of those interdependent functions.

Perhaps it is time to critically engage the metal component for feng shui removal and alterations of your dwelling. Metal element character types are extremely orderly. They prefer to have everything clean and pristine.

They are the aesthetes and minimalists, and they prefer to make things glow. They concentrate on detail, and they have a tendency to adopt high standards of moral values and ethics. They enjoy a meticulous look and prefer quality to quantity.

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