Ätherisches Öl tropft aus der Pipette auf das grüne Blatt

Yeast infections are nothing to laugh at, and it is not surprising that many are looking for a natural remedy for yeast infection. The indicators are at many times completely unbearable, as you’ll learn if you ever suffer with the issue. When the yeast infection is in a man, the issue isn’t quite as evident; normally they will suffer from what’s called a leaky gut. The leaky gut generally contributes to a huge intestine, and even fatigue. This isn’t fatal, but it can get irritating. In women however, it’s a totally different story.


Women will realize their yeast infections can result in itching, burning, and general distress either round the mouth or around the vaginal area. In the worst case scenario, it may happen inside the vagina, getting a pain which simply can’t be remedied. There are other symptoms also, among which is a white milky substance being excreted from the vagina. Oftentimes this material can be chunky, or have the consistency of cottage cheese. Again, you won’t die from it, but finding a natural remedy for yeast infection is absolutely crucial at this time.

You’ve likely heard many myths, tales, and claims concerning the extermination of your disease, but if you’re here, then you probably have yet to get a genuine treatment that meets your expectations. Or in some instances you have to find one that really works in the first location. If that is true, then there are quite a few ways that you can obtain relief.

Natürliche Behandlungen

Some of us will turn to the homeopathic remedies such as tea tree oil. This can be put into the vagina for a douche using droppers. Many have used this and they claim it works perfectly for them.

There are other remedies like boric acid, and these are available from certain pharmacies. For example you might find one which is called Yeast Arrest. The 1 thing that you will need to bear in mind however is that Boric acid is a toxin, and if you take it will have serious consequences. It should never be used by pregnant women. Knoblauch is still another good remedy, as garlic cloves can be inserted into the vagina to receive relief.

When searching for a natural remedy for yeast infection you need to stray from the myths like yogurt. Let’s be clear: using yogurt as a douche is only going to make the issue worse. If you’re uncertain, you should talk to a health food shop, or even speak with a doctor who’s knowledgeable about the art of natural medicine.


Many men and women tend to steer clear of the natural remedies, believing they are more of a new age phenomenon. The reality is that our planet has provided us the resources to look after ourselves at any given situation. Because of modern medicine we’ve strayed from such practices, but when you’re in a pinch and have nowhere else to go, then visit our world, and it’ll care for you.