Äste und hängende Wurzeln eines riesigen Banyanbaums am berühmten Pipiwai-Pfad auf Maui, Hawaii, USA

Hair loss is one of the most embarrassing problem confronting most people in the world today. It’s a common notion that baldness occurs normally with advancing age, and nothing could be done about that. But that’s a wrong belief. There are numerous effective ways hair loss and other hair related problems can be nipped in the bud. Listed below are some of the best home treatments where this can be accomplished.

Lemon Remedy

This treatment works if your hair are breaking off and falling. Extract the juice of one lemon. Finely grind the powder of the origin of a banyan tree and mix completely in the lemon juice. Wash your hair with this solution. When done, dry your hair with a dryer and then apply over the standard quantity of coconut oil on the scalp. Do this regularly. Within a couple of days you’ll find the level of your hair loss.

Amalaki Remedy

Prepare the fine powder of this amalaki (Indian Stachelbeere) and soak it in water. Keep this overnight. In the morning, squash the powder from the water and let it exude thoroughly into the water. You’ll find a mild pasty consistency. Then squeeze the juice of a lemon or 2. Use this vitamin C rich solution to clean your hair. The solution will foam. Work your hands to the roots of the hair until the foam is profuse. After fifteen minutes of the treatment, you can wash it off. This sort of treatment won’t just treat baldness, but it will also make the hair blacker, denser, thicker and longer. A month of the treatment on a daily basis will demonstrate the positive results.

Udad Daal Remedy

Boil some udad daal (lentils) in water. When boiled , let them cool. Then mash the daal and use it vigorously on the hair, working in the roots. This therapy provides proteins to your own hair, which is extremely necessary for their proper development. Within a couple of days of this constant treatment, your hair loss issues will start to dwindle.

Oil Remedy

This therapy works for alopecia, i.e. hair loss or thinness of hair. Take a sterile ripe amalaki fruit and grind it to a powder. Put this powder in coconut oil or chameli (Jasminum grandiflorum, Spanish Jasmin) oil. Use this oil to massage the scalp. Then put this solution in water and then wash the hair completely. Continue reading for a month to observe benefits. You should also chew on the dry amalaki fruit many times a day.

Pomegranate Remedy

If your hair is thinning out, then the next remedy can help. Prepare a combination of the powders of the seeds, peel and leaves of a pomegranate. Add this to olive oil. Keep it on a fire. The powders will start to get cooked. When the powders look cooked , then strain the oil through a fabric and collect the filtrate in a jar. Cork this bottle. Apply this oil twice or thrice on the scalp each day. Within a couple of days, hair loss will stop and new hair will start growing.

Coriander Remedy

Grind a few green coriander and extract the juices out of it. Use these juices to massage on the scalp. This will make your hair soft and black and stop hair loss. This treatment is simple but it’s so effective it may make hair grow back to the scalp. Hence it’s regarded as a treatment for alopecia.

Shikakai Remedy

This is not a particular remedy, but it is a general system to look after your hair to prevent hair loss in the long run. Collect 1 tablespoon of powder of shikakai (Acacia concinna, acacia) and ritha (Sapindus mukorossi, soapnut). Add this powder to half pint of water and boil it. When the boil has taken place correctly, then cool it, strain it, and utilize the filtrate as you’d use a regular shampoo. This is the most effective natural shampoo in the world, and possibly the world’s earliest pH balanced shampoo. Daily with this shampoo will keep all hair loss problems at bay.

Ayurvedic Methods

Bhringaraja is the medication of choice for hair issues. It’s either taken orally or is used for massaging the scalp on a daily basis in the form of Maha Bhringaraja taila or Nilibhringadi taila. The general manner of using it is to massage the scalp thoroughly and then to have a bath one hour afterwards. But it must be remembered that Bhringaraja will remove the weak hair from the scalp. Hence it can seem that the hair is thinning more initially. This is temporary however; the hair that will grow will be fitter and stronger.


Baldness (and in actuality, all problems concerning hair) are kapha issues. They occur when the kapha dosha is vitiated. Hence, kapha should not be permitted to accumulate in the body. This happens whenever there is a frequent cold. Because of this, common colds have to be treated quickly.