Baldrian alternative pflanzliche Medizin mit Blumen in einem Mörser mit Stößel. Verwendet zur Behandlung von Schlaflosigkeit, Angstzuständen, Kopfschmerzen, Verdauungsproblemen, Symptomen der Menopause, Muskelschmerzen und Müdigkeit. Baldrian (Valeriana officinalis).

Migraine is defined as a headache because of an unknown cause. So, next time your physician boldly writes your identification as “migraine” question him. Don’t be taken in by that knowledgeable expression and benign smile on his face. It’s the practiced appearance of an individual making a living off the work of tricking others and convinced the exact same medical jargon has duped and continues to mislead tens of thousands of patients all around the world.

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It’s certainly tough to keep your reasoning faculties and contend with that throbbing, pulsating or burning pain on your innermost mind or temples or the back of your head. But you would be wise to keep in mind that keeping these faculties is important to your survival. All the more so when you’re pitted against a so called qualified practitioner having a permit to kill while subjecting one to clinical trials of a new medicine possibly at a massive cost to you and your individual; while the skilled laughs all the way to the bank.

That, in brief, is the reality of how conventional medicine has been practiced now. But you have a duty and obligation to protect yourself. To this end you want to question and critically examine every drug being prescribed and administered. Despite hordes of researches and research papers on the topic source of migraine remains unidentified. These researches only describe the activity of some chemicals within your body and the way they go around relieving pain to decrease suffering. It has to be underlined that none of these provides a remedy for migraine. You’re only assured of a relief from pain through a specific bout of headache.


It has easy and effective remedies for each one. Sorry, it doesn’t have any patent medicine for any disease but it’s a particular remedy to heal each individual instance of migraine or any other disease for that matter. This might be the most irritating factor about homeopathy for a patient. You visit a homeopath with a severe migraine finding it hard to concentrate on anything and the doctor asks you to sit. Then he begins asking a broad selection of questions for example – For how long have you had these headaches? What do you like to eat? What type of things or behaviour causes you to loose temper?

The questions appear to be never ending and totally unrelated to your headache. In a way yes they are unrelated to a headache. But they’re incredibly pertinent to aid your homeopath to zero onto the correctly similar medication, which his going to heal you. He understands and is convinced of it that the ideal similar will restore you to perfect health and migraine will only go away. For your homeopath migraine is but just a little detail of the disease afflicting you inside and he needs the rest of the symptoms to have the ability to decide on the absolutely similar remedy, which will certainly cure you.


So you would succeed in case you try to concentrate and answer these questions. There’s a certainty that you’ll be cured of migraines for ever, which no conventional doctor with all these medications in fancy packaging can ever guarantee you of. There’s one final word of warning though. To err is human and your homeopath also is a human being. It won’t be only to give him only 1 opportunity and reject the machine. Do see your homeopath a couple of times, ask him what made him choose a specific medicine and why. Discuss alternatives and key signs of the alternative medicines to help him pick the suitable medicine. If you follow this advice, then you’ll become one of these happy people whose migraine was treated for good and for ever.