Serie "Innere Wiederkehr". Zusammenspiel von menschlichem Profil und fraktalen Formen zum Thema innere Realität, geistige Gesundheit, Imagination, Denken und Träumen

This is a suitable day to write this report. It’s a 1 day, 7+2+1+2+7 adds up to 19 that becomes 10 which is 1. One in numerology is unity. The concept that we as people are one with each other and everything.

My journey

A simple statement to make but a hard one to describe and equally tough for all of us to really, in our hearts and spirits, think. My excuse could fill a book but in this article I will share with you my journey to the place of knowing that we are one. My intent isn’t to convince you that unity consciousness is real but to only pass on my experiences and perspective so you might take what may resonate with you and leave the rest. In 1 article all I can hope is to create an impetus for one to analyze how oneness may or may not make sense to you:

The motto concept is the foundation that provides clarity and understanding to the other notions I will talk in this article, so needless to state a vital element of our journey into developing a new planet earth.

Right Brain and Left Brain Dominance

There are two kinds of personalities in respect to mind dominance. Right-brained and left-brained. All of us possess both sides of course but I’m speaking of one side or another being dominant. This left or right brain talk is yet another attribute of the duality consciousness we’re in now.

Right brained individuals look at things from the psychological, artistic, creative perspective. This is also called the female element, although certainly not allowed to the female sex. A person that looks at things from a left handed or “manly” standpoint will need things to be logical, analyzing all queries, requiring answers backed up with scientific evidence.

It’s significantly easier for right-brained people to understand this concept as they are the caregivers, the nature lovers, the musicians and artists. The people who could easily feel the love for many things. They could see that all things are linked much clearer than left handed people since they’re motivated by feelings as opposed to reason. They have less need of a logical explanation of things and therefore can grasp the idea of unity because they’ve felt it with their kids or their art or their songs. The concept of unconditional love for all things comes more naturally, largely because they don’t need proof it is real, they simply feel it.

Throwing around all these words such as “unity” and “love for all things” and “we’re all the same” may be ok to the female aspect of our selves but I could hear left-brainers saying “show me”. I know, because for nearly all my life I looked at things from a left-brained perspective. It was only when I woke up in 2000 following a life altering event that my right brain awakened also making it easier for me to comprehend the notion that we are one with everything.

In this series I will be referencing the word left and right brain dominant because in duality there’s a need to tackle both viewpoints. I’ll be paying special attention to left brain information because this sort of person requires the most validation.


Even though we’re in a sense of separation, unity is 1 thing we as people have ingrained in us from birth. Starting literally in the uterus where mother is linked to kid with the umbilical cord. This connectedness carries on with us to the unity of marriage, then family, then extends to race or faith. We can easily feel and understand this concept once we go that far in our description but when we begin talking of things out of this is where unity normally ends.

It stems from the fear of the unknown. From the lack of knowledge and understanding of a race or nationality. From viewing people as different if they have different skin colour or have different habits or beliefs. Fearing them. Or judging them rather than normal or maybe a threat to our families or lifestyle. When we are introduced to a culture or individual that differs from us we immediately recognize that there’s not any difference. How many of us has had that happen? Our notion of oneness is then extended to them. Taking away the ignorance of not knowing them instantly gets rid of the fear.

This is the first step in expanding our consciousness from our immediate sphere of expertise. Factors which are accomplishing this result would be the arrival of international travel, mass media, and of course lately, the net. We can quickly and easily obtain information about different countries and people that is eliminating the anxiety of the unknown and enabling us to realize that the human race is the same. Having basically the exact experiences in life and as a result of global communications we’re currently able to reach out and interact with people around the planet.

It’s just been in the past century that this capability to connect worldwide has started and I feel a vital part of us producing the new world earth I am discussing. It’s been called mass consciousness and in history due to the lack of technology was reserved to individuals inhabiting the little region where they lived.

Now with mass communications it’s possible to experience things from a global consciousness making the notion of unity consciousness a lot easier to accomplish. There’s a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. It’s referred to as a grid or web that encircles the globe linking all of us collectively. Maybe you have had the experience of being with a bunch of people and you all had the exact same thought at once. We like to chalk up those times to coincidence but is there really any such thing as coincidence? Isn’t synchronicity? For those who have ever noticed in character how a species appear to practice non-verbal communicating, seeming to know exactly what the other will do. They do so because every species has their own web they tap into that relays their intentions to one another.

Humans are at least as complex (well, maybe) as any other species so why would the notion of a grid to precipitate human communication be so tough to believe. It’s been known since the 40’s of a geo-magnetic grid encompassing the ground which was there for unexplained reasons. This is the web that joins us together; the net of love. Funny that the Internet is also known as a net as really the idea is the same. There are in fact three grids of consciousness that encircle the earth: primal, duality and the christ grid.

After my waking in 2000 when I was totally turned around to being right brained dominant. I totally thought that we were one with all things yet if asked I couldn’t give any sort of scientific explanation from my view. As time went on and as I analyzed the motto concept my old habits of left-brained assessing kept creeping in.

Harmonic Grid

The primal consciousness believes in the notion of oneness with everything. This makes it a harmonic grid, in harmony with everything. The duality grid is disharmonic. Where the widespread belief is separateness. This consciousness breeds wars and destruction that has been a frequent theme throughout our history. Where we can’t find the connectedness of all things. This aspect makes it disharmonic. The next grid or Christ grid is where humanity returns to the notions of unity, collaboration, universal love. Returns to a harmonic existence. Possessing the knowledge of our oneness.

Anyone who understands music understands that firsts and thirds are harmonic. These descriptions of each grid aren’t judgmental, just an explanation of characteristics of every level of consciousness. This is a big issue in itself but this guide is long enough as it’s so I’ll leave it there.

The End Of The Journey

That was my journey of discovery to really believing in the oneness of things. Like I said this is the basis to embracing some of the other theories that will follow in this sequence. Knowing that I am God also is rooted in the understanding that God is in all things. Releasing judgment becomes simple when I know that you are me and I am you. That I am just like that fly on the wall or the flower on the stem. How do I judge understanding this. I’ve discussed the notion of unity in respect to matters outside our selves but I haven’t mentioned the most significant part unity consciousness.

The unity of one’s self. The harmonizing of all parts of ourselves. The knowing that we aren’t right brained or left handed or our body is separate from our mind or soul. That all bits work in harmony and co-operation. We are neither male nor female. Just like god who’s neither male nor female. That we aren’t broken up into different parts battling each part for control over the other. The mind is an essential component of the whole and not to be judged as the control of activities and therefore viewed as non religious compared to activities from the heart. When the notion of competition is discharged from our understanding it includes some rivalry within ones self. One entity working with compassion and love for the good of all.

That’s the basis of unity consciousness. That’s the consequence of us remembering who we truly are and how we relate to all things. The time for this remembering is at this time, in our life. We’re developing a new world earth. A new world.