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Marvel at these garden annuals that will make your garden come alive with colour, scent and foliage. When choosing your plants, aim for all those summer long bloomers.

Cleome Senorita Rosalita

This brand new Cleome variety is remarkable. Plant in full to part sun. No sticky stems, no thorny stems and no foul odor. Shorter than another Cleome varieties, the Senorita blossoms all summer long with lavender blossoms. Doesn’t need deadheading and easily doubles in diameter dimensions. Grows to 12″ tall.

Nelia Argyranthemum

With daisy-like yellow blossoms, the Nelia favors a part sun to sun place. This yearly eventually develops to a shrub like look. Having a small fragrance, bees and butterflies love this yearly plant. Grows to 24″ tall.

Black Knight Pincushion Flower

What a discovery! With deep burgundy nearly black flowers, this yearly adds a real punch to any flowerbed garden. Having sturdy stems, the flower gives the appearance of dozens of pins! Attractive gray-green fern like foliage. Enjoys a part-sun site. Grows to 12″ to 14″ tall.

Felicia Daisy

This sun-loving edging annual plant generates tiny lavender blue flowers with bright yellow centers. Interesting mini shrub like look. Grows to 8″ tall.

Magilla Purple Perilla

Striking coleus-like purple foliage. Great for shade container planting. Pinching this garden yearly will have the plant getting fuller, bushier. Great contrast annual.

Colorblaze Coleus

Having lime green leaves with cherry colour veins makes this leaves annual a excellent contrast plant. Can tolerate full sun, but prefers a part colour, even shade place. Grows to 12″ to 14″ tall.

Gartenmeister Fuchsia

This yearly fuchsia offers stunning long, thin, red flowers with burgundy leaves all summer long. Can be planted in shade or sun. Great container plant, but due to its upright growth habit, it can be implanted in a flowerbed also.

Euphorbia Diamond Frost

Blooms always in mounds of airy tiny white blossoms. Although it blooms better in full sunlight, it will tolerate part shade. No deadheading required. A wonderful filler and spiller for container planting.

Süss Kartoffel Reben

Showy deep burgundy leaves, like the’Blackie’, or the red leaves of this Sweet Caroline and then there’s the lime coloured leaves of the Illusion Emerald Lace. All have a vigorous trailing habit making them suitable for container planting. For sun or part sun.

Ageratum Blue Horizon

An old favourite garden annual. A taller ageratum variety with authentic blue floss flowers. Great as an edging plant. Good for sun or part shade. Grows to 12″ tall.

Bonfire Begonia

A new begonia for sunlight locations. Although it can survive in shade or part shade, it fairs better in sunlight. Amazing arched stems with red/orange blossoms. This plant is self-cleaning. Great for container/hanging basket planting.

Dusty Miller

An old-time peacemaker from the backyard. Due to its silver foliage colour, it’s used to make color transitions from the flowerbed garden. Also deer and rabbit don’t enjoy this annual. Grows to 12″ to 14″ tall. Makes a great edging plant.

Salvia Black and Blue

All annual Salvia varieties are worth planting. A tall growing Salvia, the Black and Blue climbs up as an excellent background annual. Can grow to 36″ tall. The dark purple/blue tubular blooms appear to last forever and deadheading the spent blossoms keeps them coming until the first hard frost.

Salvia Lady In Red

Another yearly Salvia with red tubular blossoms on taller sturdy stems. Very attractive to hummingbirds. They bloom throughout the summer months.
Salvia Mystic Spires: An yearly Salvia that rivals any medium to tall yearly. Beautiful deep purple spike blooms on tall sturdy stems. Grows to 28″ to 36″ tall and blooms continue until a hard frost.


Another old-time favored for blossoms. All colours (pink, white, red) look great planted in mass. Or try planting in containers and putting in hard to grow areas of the garden, like under a tree.

Begonia Vodka

A Begonia (red, pink, white) with burgundy leaves. Can be planted in sun or shade. Makes a great edging plant.

There you have it

Suggestions for the best annuals to grow for sunlight, part-sun, color and container planting. The aforementioned garden annuals are favorites for many anglers. All are very easy to grow and are low maintenance.