Nahaufnahme auf trockene Frau Hauttextur mit trockener Erde

People with dry skin may complain of a parched dry atmosphere and an overall lackluster appearance. This skin type doesn’t produce the necessary organic oils and moisture to acquire a natural healthy glow that may be disheartening for folks who want great skin.

Trockene Haut

Often feels quite tight and dry and frequently seems to be flaky, scaly, and rough. The biggest problems with this skin type are the beginning of premature aging, the development of fine lines and wrinkles in an earlier stage in the development of the skin’s life. Another feature of dry skin is quite small pores. Fortunately, dryness of skin can be brought on by non-hereditary roots: primarily environmental variables, exposure to harsh chemicals, bad choice in skin care products and excessive bathing. Dry skin is best in climates with warm temperature and higher humidity and doesn’t respond well to cold weather or some other low humidity climates. In colder regions or during winter, dry skin is going to have less moisture than the very low amount it’s already utilized to; causing chapping, chaffing, irritation and redness. Like all skin types, be certain to prevent excessive heat and be sure that you protect your skin from sun damage with sunscreen and UV protection.


It is quite significant for dry skin. You must moisturize the body and face each and every day, sometimes numerous times per day – this is where it’s very important that you use products without harsh chemicals as you’re likely to be reapplying lotions and moisturizers so frequently that even a small quantity of harsh and carcinogenic compounds in each program will accumulate. Remember to avoid any cosmetic or beauty products using harsh chemicals because this could be what’s causing the slow drying of skin and just use organic skincare products.

It’s been suggested that tap water contains chemicals which dry skin may be sensitive to. Simply switching to organic skincare products can bring your skin to a regular and balanced skin type. Also, be certain that you prevent excess heat and hot showers because this may exacerbate your own situation. With very dry skin, you may even employ an herbal facial elixir under a creamy organic moisturizer in cases of dry skin.

This is referred to as moisturizer layering (similar to you coating an outfit) and is popular in almost any place where outfits are layered throughout the brutal winter season. Moisturizing masks and night masks are recommended for dry skin types around two times a week (or as needed). Ensure that you are applying enough lashes into the regions around the eyes since they’re often first to create wrinkles.

Smoking? Don’t!

Furthermore, smoking is worse for dry skin than the other skin types (except possibly environmentally damaged skin). Also, you should avoid all use of soap, which can be very drying, in your body and face; should you refuse to drop soap entirely (as some people do) then be sure you use creamy soaps using organic milk or yogurt or organic oatmeal soaps.

Dry skin enjoys the soothing and nourishing effects of oatmeal on the body and face as well as taking milk baths in oatmeal during the winter months can help ease the drying effects of cold climates in your skin. To reduce irritation when drying, be sure that you pat yourself dry rather than rubbing your skin that may cause chaffing and flaking. You’ll have to exfoliate a lot of times every week to scrub off dead skin cells off the surface of skin; sugar and oat scrubs work good for dry skin types. This may also help the lashes penetrate your pores and get in the lower levels of skin.

Natural Toners

Simple and light all natural toners, such as rosewater or a natural green tea and vinegar toners, are recommended for dry skin. Try to shy away from overpowering astringents since they might further strip moisture and oils from the skin. Like all skin types, be certain to prevent excessive heat and be sure that you protect your skin from sun damage with sunscreen and UV protection.