As a Spiritual Writer, I’ve chosen self-awareness and internal growth as a focus for my own writing. I’m committed to learning from others and try my best to place, at least some of what I’ve learned, into practice in my own life.

Looking within Myself

It is my specific interest to make a mind-heart integration where I know who I am through the removal of whatever psychological blocks might be in my own way. I’ve spent many years doing that. Learning how to follow your own heart is a valuable creative source. There’s much to learn.

If you listen to many religious teachers, you may hear every one of them mention how important it is to finish our emotional recovery or clearing. They might not live on it, but they urge this before we use other people, before we try to locate our life partner, run intentions or merely to find our authentic voice, our authentic self.

Writing and speaking are a part of my life because I was a teen… writing poems, being class valedictorian, a debater, a toastmaster and lately, a writer and speaker. After many rejections of my writing and attending writing workshops where I was told that I had to find my voice, I stopped writing and started to look within myself.

Have you at any stage, known that you will need to look deeper into what is happening inside of you? I had questions, BIG ONES… Why has so much gone wrong in my life? I knew that I repeated similar mistakes. I understood there were negative behaviour patterns. I was determined to learn what was causing my negative behaviours and what I could do to change my life.

Things I have Learned

Although it’s possible to be intelligent, capable and effective in many areas, you may even carry a negative self-image, often engage in negative self-talk, be busy, hold many anxieties, repeat failed relationships and don’t have any focus.

That although the majority of the world focuses on the wisdom and our outside world: this is just one reality. Another fact is our inner world that’s driven by our hopes and dreams: our heart’s desires. The inner you is triggered by our own observation of it… monitoring of your thoughts, your emotions and the way that feels on your body. Our entire body is our subconscious and each cell holds memory. Each and every cell listens to what we say about ourselves. What do you say?

That the longer we’re quiet and have the majority of our chatter silenced… the earlier the internal you arises. There are lots of meditation techniques available. Many teachers will say it is all in the breath. There are brief mantra we’re able to quietly repeat while breathing deeply…”I’m”.

We will need to be patient. Our advancement goes back and forth. Our inner vision starts to open, we’ve got more energy and there’s an inner space growing: it seems like independence and strength with moments of inspiration.

We take theories intellectually and it takes much more for the idea to become real in your heart, so that we may live it naturally. If we rush our expansion, it becomes vacant, we become bored and listless since we’re in unfamiliar territory and identified with ego.

How do we Care for Ourselves?

If we’re busy, our ego has a grip. We now have less energy and might even feel totally drained. Our body is reacting to our heavy psychological attachments: resentments, jealousy, anger, and jealousy. I discovered that when I published these emotional attachments and my victim standing, I had more energy. How can we do that?

Regularly observe your internal dialogue… notice what makes you feel good, what makes you feel awful, identify where you feel that in your body through deep, relaxed breathing. You’ve heard the term,”What you resist, persists?” So, simply sit for some time. Then, let it go. This is a practice that we will need to do regularly.

Only you are able to observe your thoughts and determine what thought, odor, touch and color, triggered your own emotions. The very act of observation gradually shuts down your self and your fears diminish. You identify that you do have control and you may just decide that you do not want the drama in your life. As you cut psychological connections you gain emotional composure and you reduce your requirements.

Improve your internal dialogue… this keeps us in the present. Once you identify where the negative emotions are coming from, you can change them or have a program to release your programmed beliefs.

Ask yourself whether you provide joy and hope to others or idle gossip and distress? “Participating in slander and gossip is a symptom of how inadequate we believe. If we truly felt complete… we would not have to fall into the trap of speech. When we see our own true nature isn’t lacking in any way, we finally wish to rejoice and observe other peoples’ victory and well-being.”

How can we find our true character, find our innate abilities and talents? Truly knowing our self-worth is frequently the reply to the way we take ourselves-even celebrate who we are.

So why so much Unhappiness?

We aren’t yet emotionally grounded, because our subconscious is deciding for us, according to our beliefs that we generated from childhood experiences. A lot of our unhappiness comes from a ‘brain set’ that we generated in our early youth.

We realize from our ‘Observer Self’ and meditation which we feel heavy indoors. I created a believer that worked for me: My cages are inside and I’m not free. I learned that psychological freedom and inner peace is a process which doesn’t occur by itself. We evolve into liberty, as we slowly set free all past influences that we translated as ours that were distorted or belonged to somebody else.

My internal work required a willingness to enter my shadow. Going there method to become self-aware, to confront the pain, the insight and growth it offers. It literally creates a excellent space indoors where before there was shame, guilt, anxiety and self-effacement.

It takes time and money to “go there” than it does to cover emotionally and financially to the dependence we grow to meals, TV, exercise, shopping, alcohol, relationships and diets.

Learn the wisdom of your heart. Your heart sends messages to your mind. Are you currently listening or do you listen just to ego?

You can start to literally feel ‘distance’ opening indoors. I started to feel lighter and create clarity.

You gain confidence as you discover more on your own. As I had less drama, I was willing to trust my own voice and take on a techniques that fit me. I started to find my soul…. The Source energy, which brings feelings of love with it, feelings which leave me in joy or peace. I judge less and love more.

Pathways to Reach Happiness

    • Counselors, mentors, life coach
    • Books
    • Workshops
    • Energy Workers
    • Spiritual Groups/communities
    • CD/DVD’s
    • Programs (On-Line)
    • Hypnose
    • Specialized Programs (Sexual Assault Programs)
    • Webinars
    • Teleseminars

Caring for yourself is letting your heart know that you’re responding to its needs-the demands of your soul. It’s self-development through self-awareness: where we find it. Resources and people will come to you. Some will resonate with you and some won’t. Trust your intuition.

Use whatever kind of meditation works for you. There are lots of procedures and resources available.

Make a choice to pick the feelings, thoughts and actions which take one to whom and where you need to be.

Take the time to learn what your objective is. It will evolve over time and you could have more than one. For instance, I will use my talent and interest in writing and talking to take messages from my spiritual process to share with others. The specific message may vary a bit from group to group and over time.

Gift yourself with a reading escape, a dessert, sufficient time in your week to exercise.

Do anything it takes to get in touch with your authentic self. Find the resources to direct you to loving yourself unconditionally.

Understand and experience our own divinity.

Spend more time with classes that lift you, help you discover the significance of living out of our heart.

Ask yourself frequently if everything you do is taking you in the direction you need to go. Our actions must support whom we are, where we would like to be and what we would like to do.

Express love to other people. Service to others might be the fastest way to become happy…


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