Ein Schuss Waschnuss oder Reetha oder Areetha in einem Gunny Bag zusammen mit etwas von seinem natürlichen Shampoo in einer Glasschale.

Hair loss is thought to be a predominantly male issue however a growing number of today’s girls are losing their hair due to too much cleanup, styling and waxing. Considered as a woman’s crowning glory, a lot of women spend too much time caring for their hair and damaging it in the process.


The use of chemicals for dyeing, tinting or waxing may weaken hair and might ultimately cause it to break. Contrary to popular belief, brushing your hair one hundred times a day will not make your hair shine; it destroys the hair!

Fortunately, hair loss in such cases can be treated. It may be remedied by subsequent good hair habits like avoiding tight pony-tails, curlers and powerful chemicals and staying from the sun whenever possible. Also, it may be a fantastic idea to exfoliate dry hair softly rather than rubbing it vigorously after showering.

It’s common for some hair to fall daily while new ones grow. The situation only becomes uncontrollable once the speed of expelling old hair is quicker than producing new ones. Abnormal hormone secretions, stress, medication and nutritional deficiencies can cause temporary hair loss.


Baldness (excessive falling and thinning hair) may also follow childbirth, a high fever, operation or an underlying medical issue. Once these conditions are adjusted hair will grow back in few months.

Permanent hair loss, on the other hand, is a result of the weakening of the base of the origin in which the hair is born. Nearly all permanent hair loss cases are brought on by excess sebum production that blocks the growth of new hair. Treating cases such as these can take anywhere from two months to a year, depending on the circumstance.

For healthy sebum glands, something which has algae extract whose active ingredient is spirulina is highly advised. The algae extracts operate by absorbing excess sebum, regulating oily scalp and softening the dry ends.

In fifty-percent of girls, however baldness is permanent due to age, changing hormones and heredity. This problem is known as female pattern baldness and it may become evident by age 25 to 30.

Unlike male-pattern baldness, female-pattern hair starts on top of their head where girls part their hair. Women will not develop a receding hairline but their hairs gradually become shorter and fewer.

Recommended remedies

    • To deal with hair loss due to improper diet, increase your daily intake of vegetables, sprouts, fruits, salad and milk. Eat foods that are full of protein such as soybeans, nuts, buttermilk, wheat germ and yeast. Iodine rich foods is also important to enhance blood flow in the scalp.
    • Natural remedies like oil or extracts from plants may offer invaluable help.

Homemade recipes

    • Castor oil. Massage scalp and hair with warm castor oil for fifteen minutes. Cover the head with shower cap then rinse after one hour.
    • Reetha. Soak it overnight in water then boil the mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Get the water out of the seeds and apply to hair.
    • Kokosnuss milk and lemon juice. Mix well and massage to the scalp.
    • Neem Leaves. Boil neem leaves. Cool and use as hair wash.
    • Egg white. Massage into the scalp; dry it before rinsing well.