Mystisches Auge und Reflexionen

The topic of psychics brings to many persons’ minds somebody in a half trance, with a faraway look in their eyes and an ability to see into occasions of life (or death) concealed from the consciousness of other men and women.

They may be consulted for insights into one’s current and future health, material prosperity, or to locate a missing loved one. Some profess to talk with those who have already moved on from this world. Others are consulted to provide clues to finding the perpetrators of heinous crimes, sometimes even by law enforcement.

Exactly what’s this ability to find out what most people can’t and are their skills truly real and verifiable? What most folks call “being psychic” is better described as “clairvoyance”. Such a way allowing one to start the consciousness to obtain information within the “ether”, shall we say, is extremely real and such skills actually live in all sentient beings.

Have you ever thought of someone and a second later the telephone rang and it was them? Many owners swear that their cats or dogs know when they’re coming home before they arrive on their road. Other animals have demonstrated an uncanny ability to sense when people are sick or when an accident is going to occur. It’s a verifiable fact that if the enormous tsunami happened in the Indian Ocean a few years after the start of the 21st century that all of the animals were literally running for higher ground long before people even watched the sea tide going out, what to talk of the tide coming in.

Most people’s minds are full of ideas pertaining to their sensual desires for enjoyment or temporary material advantage to start to develop such skills. Only in youth before getting too”worldly” is that this natural ability functioning in the majority of us. Having said this, many clairvoyants find and further develop this”sixth sense” from youth when there are fewer desires for material acquisitions or sensual demands. The mind is not as polluted and less bothered by a continuous chatter of thoughts and ideas molded by exposure to the media and the bombardment of suggestions which comes from everyday life in the city.

Persons who have this”gift” generally also keep an inherent vision of the temporary nature of life in this world and the folly of accepting stressful situations to attempt and gain things that ultimately bring no internal satisfaction. However, true clairvoyants having a keen inner”eye to see” are rather rare. Most that profess to have such gifts and skills prove to be adept at reading people from their physical appearance, behavior, or address and have developed the ability to intuit from this information. Many take advantage of these in excellent distress or who are just more gullible than many naturally.
We have all seen the professionals that put on shows where they find hidden items, disclose information they could not possibly have understood or relay messages in the “dearly departed”. Some of these persons definitely have a more developed intuition and mental awareness of individuals, but few have some truly remarkable skills that bring any advice of a “higher” nature of soul.

A mystic, however, is one who has highly developed clairvoyant skills, but is steeped in real religious understanding. Generally they’re yogis or innovative practitioners on a religious path, no matter what “faith” they are thought to belong to. Mystics could easily have the capacity to comprehend dull matters far beyond most persons’ perceptions, but they’re normally so spiritually directed their concern is for understanding which can help someone to understand their own religious nature or identity. They aren’t usually amenable to “calling” others’ material counseling or futures them in their mundane lives. They mostly remain aloof from the material world’s affairs identifying instead with the religious identity.

This brings us to a most important “case in point”. What’s spiritual identity? All spiritual professionals soon realize that we aren’t our bodies. After all, not even the greatest of fools believes he’s his arm, or his stomach, or his mind. All of us refer to parts of the body as “my arm, my belly or my mind”. Yet we misidentify ourselves with our physical bodies to a wonderful extent, using a lot of our physical and psychological capability to attempt and acquire ever-greater gratification of our bodily senses.

What of the mind? We mostly dwell within the minds and lost in a sea of ideas we envision that we’re becoming happy by striving to achieve temporary objectives, although this joy also looks ever elusive. Does it not? We mentally analyze our planet, accepting some things as desired, and rejecting others as undesirable, without a real basis to our conjectures. We envision that those we see more cash or sensual opportunities have a state of happiness larger than ours. Thus we envy those that we see as having “more” than we and feel superior to people who we see as “with less”. Although nothing we gain made of thing generates anything but a momentary flicker of pride before evaporating, our needs develop more fervently to have these items in greater measure. There never appears to be any end to it!

But where is that aim everybody appears to aspire for called “peace of mind”? The mind also appears to be a distinct area of energy out of our “selves”, yet is what we use to perceive this world. At precisely the exact same time we also refer to “our minds” and consequently there’s a deep knowledge from someplace that neither the body nor mind is our true identity.

True mystics for the most part remain aloof from the endless desires of the lower mind. Using spiritual practices to start the domains of consciousness through meditation that they stay renounced from work for raising bodily demands. They identify with the “self” as the spirit inside and don’t see their duty in life as adapting to the problems and encouraging the desires of the majority of men in this world. Their objective is finding and fulfilling the eternal desires of the actual “self”, thus their route is known as that resulting in “self-realization”.

Vedic astrologers, like mystics, understand the science of transmigration of the soul or reincarnation. They ought to have complete comprehension of both the brain and the body being temporary. One comparison often made is that just as when someone wakes from a dream at night, realizing the dreaming situation wasn’t real, at the time of leaving the body at death one understands that the life lived was also exactly like a dream and had no permanent reality.

Menschen, die in ihrem persönlichen Leben den höheren Weg der spirituellen Schulung und der Gewaltlosigkeit gehen und immer versuchen, die größten Qualitäten des Mitgefühls und des Gleichmuts zu entwickeln (die auch die Prinzipien sind, die authentische spirituelle Mystiker verkörpern), erlangen die besten Fähigkeiten, um Seher der Wahrheit zu werden.

Vedic astrologers study the science of “jyotish”, meaning that the “science of light”, which after several years of practice and study, enable them to understand what “karmas” needs to be experienced in an individual’s lifetime. The “window” through which they have the ability to read all these influences is known as the horoscope. It’s an astronomical map of the heavens with regard to the specific place and time where they were born in the world.

This horoscopic “map” enables the competent Vedic astrologer to observe the development of a individual in their youth and throughout all phases of life. It portends their capacity to absorb and use knowledge on all levels, and their capacity to satisfy their needs in life. For most people this reflects the career path they’re suited to follow and how elevated their positions may become in life. It reveals their economic growth, their family and married life paths and what needs they fervently want to meet during the course of their own lives. In short this tool provides the astrologer the capacity to ascertain the concomitant enjoyment, in addition to the distress, on a “substance” level that’s allocated into a human being throughout their present life.

Truly learned Vedic astrologers become so proficient in the science of jyotish they can see exactly when events are to happen, in what measure, as well as the length of a individual’s stay in the world in the current incarnation. They live lives devoted to spiritual training, which leads to, as with the mystics, their detachment from a lifetime of seeking sensual satisfaction. Thus they “experience” a greater “knowledge” which qualifies them to assist others to attain peace by moving toward these elevated realizations of what constitutes “life”.

Of what use is such knowledge to the common person? By hearing of a person’s strengths and weaknesses from a learned Vedic astrologer more confidence is gained they can utilize their skills to really attain their targets. If real fact then what the astrologer says should almost immediately ring true to the individual seeking their counsel.

Knowing where the pitfalls lie makes us more cautious and conscious. Understanding how to achieve successful relationships and what we truly need in this important area makes us less inclined to enter into one which we intuitively know will end in catastrophe. Using the knowledge of the times when affects are the most positive we can exacerbate the outcomes by joint hard attempts. Conversely in understanding the times that are likely to be the least fruitful we can relax somewhat, maintain the status quo and not allow ourselves to become frustrated by what’s out of our control.

More importantly a truly learned and knowledgeable Vedic astrologer will also have the ability to recommend certain courses of action to steer someone towards the best successes. They have resources to urge such as natural diamonds which may be worn, mantras or sound vibrations which can be intoned and using sacred geometry to counter negative forces, at least to the degree that this is possible. It’s never possible to fully change our karma, but it is most definitely possible to form it towards the best results IF we have the knowledge of how to achieve that.

A Vedic astrologer must definitely have some of the intuitive abilities of a psychic or a mystic to have the ability to become the “best of seers”, but they should first be steeped in transcendental knowledge of the spirit, in addition to the laws of karma. It’s their job to be a guide to people walking their unique paths in this world by providing knowledge which may be assimilated of the past, present and future. Such information must be how someone could attain maximum success in their lives in all aspects. It must naturally encompass satisfying the material needs, while also slowly elevating themselves emotionally by understanding the laws of the world governing life and death and rebirth.

Wenn ein vedischer Astrologe ein Leben führt, das einem religiösen Lehrer angemessen ist, dann macht ihn sein Verständnis der universellen Gesetze und der vedischen astrologischen Wissenschaft nicht zu einem Seher der Wahrheit, sondern zu einem Berater, der in der Lage ist, andere in den Geheimnissen der Verwirklichung eines wahrhaft erfüllten und befriedigenden Lebens zu beraten.

As a youth I started exercising my religious pursuits by asking questions of people whom my grandparents professed to “understand”. Being disappointed in their apparent lack of “realized” understanding I started gravitating towards the mysticism of the east in my teens. My research of philosophy and faith in college years convinced me of this amazing treasure trove of religious knowledge found in the Vedas. The entire congruity and interconnection of science in Vedic “faith” makes the “yogic” route one of experience, rather than only “belief” or simply “religion”.

For insights and knowledge of what is ill evident to our outside eyes in this world there isn’t any question that consulting a spiritually advanced Vedic astrologer offers knowledge of the subject of action of life, in addition to that of the course of successful action. We’re talking about our lives in this world, here and now, rather than taking advice from dear old departed Uncle Troy from a psychic. Nor are we accepting words which are unverifiable coming in the “messages” a lot of psychics say they’re told to reveal.

If the Vedic astrologer can right off the bat inform your personality and the essence of your life experiences to date then you’ve got some reason to listen to what he or she has to say about your future and how to form it towards success. My advice to those who might doubt that this is the “proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Next time you consider consulting with a so-called professional psychic, consult with a Vedic astrologer that comes highly recommended instead. It can just give you the tools to alter what you’ve always wanted to change, and draw towards you what you really need, for the rest of your life.