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What are dark circles? They’re unsightly dark blemishes that appear around someone’s eyes. This coloring has various causes and might coincide with other problems like bruising and puffiness, called ‘eye bags’. They are the next most frequent concern, after acne, for people who see the dermatologist. The technical term for these that is preorbital DC. While they aren’t a serious medical problem, these dark spots make people look tired and ill. Many try to conceal dark circles with little success. The simple reality is they are a part of life and the best way to prevent them is to understand the root cause and handle it through treatment or prevention.



The most frequent reason given for this is heredity. They’re like so many other bodily imperfections, such as spider veins and freckles, and are given to us genetically. The medical rationale for this cause is that people inherit their ancestors poor skin capillaries around their eyes. Another genetic trait that could make these more noticeable is how transparent a individual’s skin is. Or maybe the genetic explanation is inherited allergies, which also trigger DC. Either way if you inherit this disorder, prevention might be a mute point or it may be more important to research treatment chances even before it is going to appear.


Die zweithäufigste Ursache für dunkle Augenringe sind Allergien. Wenn eine Person eine allergische Reaktion erleidet, werden Radikale dorthin geschickt, wo die Allergie den Körper beeinflusst hat. Dieser Vorgang setzt Histamine im Körper frei. Diese Histamine verursachen geschwollene, tränende und juckende Augen und andere Probleme. In der Regel sind die Augenringe auf das Massieren der gereizten Stelle zurückzuführen, gelegentlich können sie aber auch nur eine Nebenwirkung der Allergie selbst sein. Es gibt spezifische und anerkannte Nahrungsmittelallergien, die Augenringe verursachen, wie z. B. Milchprodukte, Soja, Weizen, Hefe und Hühnereiweiß. Es liegt auf der Hand, dass der Verzicht auf diese Lebensmittel, wenn Sie auf sie reagieren, das DC in dieser Angelegenheit verbessern wird.


When you spot someone with puffy eyes, it’s natural to assume they’re suffering from too little sleep. Sleep deprivation is a frequent cause of dark circles and a tell tale sign that somebody is an insomniac or not getting enough sleep. A fantastic night’s sleep is crucial for good health, amazing skin and preventing this altogether. Frequently all it takes to eliminate dark blemishes is to find a long, uninterrupted and deep night of rest. There are tons of techniques and medications which may be used to promote this sort of sleep and you will find professionals who specialize in sleep deprivation.


A deficiency of liquids is another frequent cause of dark circles. Dehydration is the excessive loss of water from a person’s body. This lack of water is another cause of dark blemishes. Most individuals don’t drink enough water throughout the day and water is what we are mostly composed of. This has a very simple solution. Be sure you’re drinking enough water every day. Six to eight glasses is the recommended standard. Proper hydration will help your wellbeing, your skin, and your inclination to suffer with this. Also research hydrating or moisturizing eye lotions to help return water into the area.


When you get old, there are a number of changes that just come with the territory. One of these is the existence of dark circles. If you keep your skin healthy and prevent the other causes of DC you can postpone them for some time. Eventually you’ll have to manage them as they are a natural part of the aging procedure.


Some of the above mentioned causes, like allergies or sleep deprivation, might lead to someone to wash their eyes. The true rubbing of someone’s eyes can cause dark circles or create already visible blemishes seem worse. Ways to dissuade rubbing is to take particular note when you’ve got a cold, hay fever or allergies and keep your hands away from the eyes. Treat whatever allergy or illness with drugs to make the itchy eye problem not as conspicuous. Avoid squinting and staring at little words or pictures and monitors to prevent rubbing to clear your eyesight. This specific cause might be annoying but is easily remedied.


Stress ist ein Killer. In der Tat gibt es eine Menge einzigartiger Beschwerden, Krankheiten und medizinischer Probleme, die Angst als Symptom oder Ursache aufführen. Gleichstrom/Dunkelheitskreise sind ein weiteres Problem, das auf die Angst als Ursache hinweisen kann. Stress lässt unseren Körper ausflippen. Sie werden gestresst, unsere Muskeln verkrampfen sich, unsere Mägen bekommen Magengeschwüre und viele andere körperliche Beschwerden. Die Menschen machen sich selbst körperlich krank und die DC sind nur eine natürliche Folge. Es gibt Dutzende von verschiedenen Strategien zur Stressbewältigung. Glücklicherweise sind viele davon recht erschwinglich. Stress ist vermeidbar, aber man muss erkennen, dass man ein Problem damit hat, und sich bemühen, den besten Weg zu finden, es zu lindern.


Sometimes DC may be a symptom of a more serious issue. These DC can be a sign of a kidney or liver problem. Obviously, of all of the causes for DC this may be the most worrisome but it’s also among the least common. If you’ve coped with all of the other causes and genetics are not a issue, or if you’re spending too much time fretting about it, speak with your doctor about your concerns. It makes no sense to make yourself sick with worry when a physician could tell you for sure whether or not your liver or kidneys are in danger.


Many of the causes of dark circles can easily be handled. Drink loads of water, sleep well, eat a balanced diet and keep on top of your health and allergies. Don’t rub your eyes when you’re feeling ill. However, genetics and aging are somewhat trickier and will involve a different approach. Sunscreen, moisturizers and eye creams may all help in putting off the DC but at some stage you will most likely have to research your treatment choices anyway.


It’s important to take note that there are no FDA recommended products when it comes to skincare. So, it’s very important that you do your research and speak with your doctor before you proceed with a remedy. Keep an open mind and be ready to try out an assortment of techniques since not every treatment will work for everybody.

Vitamin K

Der Verzehr von Lebensmitteln, die viel Vitamin K enthalten, verbessert die Durchblutung und hilft bei Blutergüssen. Beispiele für diese Lebensmittel sind Spinat, Beeren, Kohl, Brokkoli und Karotten. Erwägen Sie die Einnahme eines Vitamin-K-Nahrungsergänzungsmittels oder einer Vitamin-K-haltigen Augencreme.

Natürliche Behandlungen

Cucumbers are the most popular natural remedy for dark circles. This is because a cucumber’s properties work to lighten skin and soothe irritated eyes. Most spas use this within the facial regime as it has been demonstrated to work.

Es gibt verschiedene andere beliebte Hausmittel wie Olivenöl, Zitronensaft und Tomatensaft. Oft wird ein gebrauchter kalter Teebeutel empfohlen, ebenso wie zerkleinerte Minzblätter. Cremes mit viel Vitamin C und E können helfen, und auch ätherische Öle wie Mandelöl werden angeführt. Offensichtliche organische Heilmittel sind Wasser trinken, gut schlafen und sich richtig ernähren.