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Various commercial procedures for curing acne can be found on the market. But natural acne remedies would be the very best and safest means of eliminating acne fast and for ever. Lexicon significance defines Acne simply as “a skin condition causing reddish pimples”. But seriousness of the simple-looking trouble could be testified by the persons who suffer with it, especially, the teens, adolescents and occasionally even the adults.


Just like any other disorder, treatment of symptoms won’t be a permanent solution to the issue of acne. It’s very important that one should determine the reason initially and then fix the cause.

In actuality, pimples are only symptoms of presence of some dangerous toxins in the body. Acne results as a result of oil-producing glands in the skin getting over active. These subcutaneous sebaceous glands secrete skin protecting fatty substance called sebum. Because of being over active, these glands begin producing excess of sebum that clogs the skin pores and trap dirt and germs. White blood cells military of the immunity system of our body digests the particles of dirt and germs. This digested contents become puss and moved to the skin surface for elimination in the kind of acne pimple.

There are various other factors also that contribute in the incidence of this acne problem, like, anxiety, use of make-up items having fatty contents, hormonal cycle (pre-menstrual acne), some medicines, and functioning condition near deep-frying machines etc..

Natürliche Methoden

Many natural cleansing methods, fruits and vegetables are there to detoxify your body, such as lavender, Aloe Vera, witch hazel and calendula. In natural acne remedies method antibacterial tea tree oil, primerose oil, chamomile, geranium oils, Echinacea, vitamin C, Zinc and E, green tea extract, salicylic acid can also be used. In the event of persistent acne problem, some Doctors prescribe retinoid cream (which comprises tretinoin – acid form of Vitamin A) or Isotretinoin (called the names of Roaccutane and Accutane too ).

Methods of natural acne treatments entail adhering to a rigorous program of treatment. You must follow in letter and spirit the directions related to application of pure herbs or veggies until the whole program is completed. If you’ll deviate with the directions the treatment taken up-till-now will be of no avail and you’ll need to have a fresh start.

Nature acne cure may be as straightforward as changing your diet. Diet itself has a substantial role in eliminating number of other serious ailments also. Washing face twice with warm water without irritating the pimples, use of castor oil or a little olive oil into the affected region, preventing vegetable oils and fatty foods, regular use of multivitamins and changing the bedding and pillow case every day, are a few of precautions which may be taken to cure the acne in a natural manner. Various drugs, pharmaceutical and lotions used for treatment of acne pimples can cause injury to the skin while the natural acne treatments are a lot more secure when it comes the side effects.

Usually the natural acne cures are offered with money back guarantee if after specific number of prescribed days there’s not any effect of this technique. All you will need to do is a fair quantity of search through net.