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If you are trying to find a special procedure of acupuncture, you might want to try French meridian acupuncture.

French Meridian Acupuncture

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), French meridian acupuncture, also called “French energetic acupuncture,” is widely used by medical acupuncturists, and is a technique that highlights meridian patterns; more especially, the yin and yang of the focal meridians.

French meridian acupuncture is performed by a certified practitioner, through the insertion of tiny hair-like needles in diverse locations and patterns along the meridians (energy channels). A mix of both Eastern and Western medication, this specific sort of acupuncture is mostly facilitated as a treatment for chronic injury and illness.

Known to affect the channels of energy that operate inside the body, French meridian acupuncture retains the common belief that acupuncture may alleviate pain and disease by restoring balance between the two principle forces of nature – the yin and the yang.

Today, that there are a range of specialist Oriental medicine practitioners who practice French meridian acupuncture and other forms of acupuncture, along with Traditional Chinese Medicine as integrative treatment to patients around the world.

In order to be a licensed acupuncturist, it’s very important that candidates acquire the right education and training through anyone of the numerous acupuncture schools and schools available today.

While some schools focus primarily on 5-Element Acupuncture, there are an assortment of academic programs that incorporate an range of modalities such as French meridian acupuncture, as well as Korean hand acupuncture, auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture), myofascial acupuncture, and Japanese acupuncture.

In general, licensed acupuncturists who practice French meridian acupuncture, in addition to other Chinese medicine therapies have to be credentialed by having completed at least three to four years of Oriental medicine training, along with requisite education in an accredited college or university.

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