Mädchen, das unter einer Hitzewelle leidet, trinkt Wasser und fächelt sich auf einem Bett in der Nacht zu Hause auf

There are a lot of causes of Night-sweating. It’s important to identify what’s causing the problem so that we can understand how to cure or alleviate the causes of the problem. Common causes of night sweating are; the menopause, alcohol, constipation, anxiety, diabetes, etc.

Was ist zu tun?

With respect to the other common causes, there are quite a few things you can do.


Firstly in case you know that it frequently happens after you have drunk alcohol then try drinking water throughout the day and certainly before going to bed. This enables the body to deal with the consumption of alcohol that the body functions as a toxin. The body needs at least 8 large glasses of water every day otherwise it becomes de-hydrated and a chemical build up of toxins may happen. If you add alcohol to a very low consumption of water then your body will protest – night sweats are a part of the body’s protest. It may also serve as a warning to slow down on your alcohol intake. Some folks opt to drink to a specific time on a day out and then turn to soft drinks or perhaps water.


This again is a result of the body not having sufficient water to drink. The body consists of 70 percent of water and so we will need to replenish this so we maintain our bodies from drying out. Another indication that we aren’t drinking enough could be dreams. Even hallucinations can occur as our minds play tricks on our mind since we don’t drink enough water. Our liver and kidneys will need to have water and natural juices such as fruit and vegetable to help them operate and so help our bodies to eliminate toxins and other harmful or waste by-products which our bodies must be waste. A good, healthful diet of home cooked meals will help. Why not attempt and cut down on processed foods and try more healthy options with natural foods as the main ingredients. A fantastic varied diet such as the GI Diet can be quite helpful with loads of fiber to naturally clear constipation.


This obviously affects women that are at the end of the child bearing age. However, the events begin in girls of varying ages. For some people a trip to the physician is helpful since they might need help like a plan of estrogen to help stabilise the hormonal imbalance in this moment. Those who would like to use a more natural approach can use herbal remedies.

Obvious things that could help with night sweats, or hot flushes, are – creating the bedroom cool, preventing nylon sheets and nighttime wear – opt for natural fibers like cotton. Make sure you drink tons of water and take some time to relax – even have a regular massage to ease tension. Take the time to unwind before bed and be sure that you find relaxing and prevent heavy late night meals. Also have a drink of water by your bed for those moments when you wake up at night.


If you feel pressure is the cause then relaxing and regular massages are brilliant. Another useful thing is to look at the situations you may worry about – great friends are crucial to speak about these things. Try not to work too late and have a time of “me” time where you could relax and switch off. Maybe you find a favorite movie or music that can help you relax. Find pre-bed-time actions that assist you switch off from the daily events that you are involved in.