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Acne is a common inflammatory skin condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, located anywhere on the body, be it temples, cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, chest and back. Acne happens when sebum oils clog pores that result in blackheads or whiteheads. Whiteheads occur when the bacteria is trapped by sebum oils beneath the skin surface while blackheads are formed when bacteria and sebum are visible on the surface and turn black.


Acne doesn’t restrict itself to only young people, even middle aged, old and babies can experience it. Hormonal changes during puberty, excessive consumption of fatty food, aerated water, unhygienic living habits, excessive consumption of alcohol, tea or coffee; irritable bowel syndrome, heredity or enzymes are several reasons for acne. Serious acne sufferers are often saddled with permanent scarring or disfiguration.

To begin with, a wholesome diet and exercises combined with appropriate skin care routine assistance to relieve acne to a large extent. Also avoid unnecessary exposure to sunlight, which contributes to dry skin, makeup, which might be harmful, excessive sunburns and suntan. Severe and extreme cases of acne should be treated with the support of skin specialists or lotions.

Home remedies for treating acne.

Curative or medicinal herbs are rather mild in their influence. These herbs reduce the toxic materials and purify the blood. Tea made with a fusion of herbs such as burdock, yellow dock and echinacea with a dab of honey could be taken thrice daily. Alternatively you may use dandelion root and sarsaparilla with burdock to generate tea.

Other herbs which help lessen acne

      • Ringelblume and chamomile tea after heating can be sprayed or dabbed on to the affected regions.
      • Another organic herbs remedy is a combination of Schafgarbe, elder flowers and lavender. Wash the affected areas with this tea preparation regularly and see the results.
      • Apply diluted Tea tree oil into acne-affected locations, while for those with sensitive skin may try fresh cabbage juice.
      • Use non-oily facial products to wash your face twice per day with warm purified water.
      • Natural astringent cleansers can remove the oil buildup that blocks the pores, but they can dry the skin, make it red and itchy, so its perfect to utilize natural cleansers on the affected areas only.
      • Knoblauch helps to clear the skin of blemishes, boils and pimples. Eat raw garlic seeds per day for a month to purify the blood and keep acne at bay. Rub fresh garlic pods and around the pimples everyday.
      • Apply juice from fresh mint to the acne-affected regions every night to reduce acne.
      • Witch hazel herb with excellent astringent properties, when implemented on acne at frequent intervals is extremely effective.
      • Apply honey and cinnamon glue to the affected area every night and wash it with warm water next day . Follow this ritual for a fortnight and see the difference.
      • Juice of raw papaya relives the swelling in and around the acne.
      • Pounded orange peel with water when applied to acne has been found very effective.