Leber Entgiftung Konzept Foto. Wort detox von volumetrischen Buchstaben ist in der Nähe von 3D-Leber-Modell und medizinische Stethoskop. Medizinisches Diätprogramm zur Entgiftung und Reinigung des Gallensystems für Frauen und Männer

Many men and women understand that liver is the principal human detoxification organ; thus, they are searching for ways to perform the liver cleansing. Hundreds of sites and thousands of individuals are active proponents of the liver flush, mostly, with olive oil and lemon juice. Thrilled, individuals find so-called gallbladder stones in their stools. They feel happy. However, not all feel so good after. Some begin to feel cramps and pain in the top area of the stomach, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, fatigue.

Post-cleansing Reactions

However, the majority of these post-cleansing reactions following the liver flush are mild, and people consider them as normal. In the worst-case scenario, some are admitted to the hospital with gallbladder attacks or acute pancreatitis. Working at the intensive care unit for several years, I observed two fatal cases and lots of acute inflammations of the pancreas following fasting and liver flush with olive oil and lemon juice.

This guide isn’t appropriate for healthy, youthful liver cleansing fans; their bodies can suffer any liver flushes without responses. Incidentally, the writer of this guide isn’t contrary to the liver and gallbladder flush. He just wants to draw the interest of people with health issues to provide them with milder and safer liver cleansing methods to prevent any complications.

What happens when individuals fast without food and eat lots of the olive oil and lemon juice? Let’s take a look from the medical viewpoint. Human cells mostly derive energy from sugar metabolism. Human beings don’t have a high storage capacity for carbohydrates. During the famine, body burns off fat cells and proteins in the muscles. Burning of these fats produces a whole lot of ketones – quite acidic compounds that make the body become highly acidic. It’s easy to demonstrate that by measuring the spit and the urine pH with litmus paper. If the saliva and the urine pH are less than 6.6, it may be the indication of the entire body acidity.

Body Acicity

Whole body acidity seriously influences bodily functions. Two alkaline adrenal glands are affected the most. First, the liver which creates the alkaline bile. Second, the pancreas which releases the alkaline pancreatic juice. Whole body acidity causes harmful biochemical changes in the pH of pancreatic juice and potential activations of digestive pancreatic enzymes within the pancreas. Activated pancreatic enzymes start digesting own pancreatic cells, which may result in pancreatitis.

If bile is turning acidic, it becomes extremely aggressive, irritating, and harmful to the gallbladder, bile ducts, sphincter of Oddi and duodenum. It can lead to spasmodic motions of the smooth muscles of the gallbladder, bile ducts, sphincter of Oddi and duodenum. Person can sense pain, nausea, vomiting, reflux once the aggressive mixture of bile and pancreatic juice extends up into the gut or even farther in the esophagus. Drinking a great deal of plain water or better.

Small amounts of lemon juice have an alkaline effect. Contrary, lemon juice, in massive amounts, may have a reverse activity. It may acidify the body, stimulate the creation of the stomach acid, and create an acidic environment in the duodenum. Pancreatic lipase that digests fat stops functioning in the acidic state; hence olive oil will be not digested in the duodenum and could lead to diarrhea.


Many folks don’t know much about bile. Liver uses bile type of like a garbage truck which eliminates fat-soluble poisonous substances, heavy metals, drugs, pigments, bile acids, which liver filters in the blood. Bile is an aggressive fluid together with the activity very similar to laundry detergent that removes oils and fats from our clothes. Liver flush, in fact, is a gallbladder flush because throughout this process nothing comes out from the liver. Liver constantly discharge liver bile and this procedure can’t be consumed by olive oil. Large amounts of this olive oil trigger powerful contraction of the gut, intensively squeezing out its content via the bile ducts and the sphincter of Oddi to the first portion of the small intestine- duodenum.

Sharp, irregular contractions of the gut after drinking olive oil cause a fast release of copious amounts of the toxic, acidic, annoying gallbladder bile maybe with bile sludge and gallbladder stones to the bile ducts. In predisposed individuals, it can lead to spasms of the sphincter of Oddi-the tactical valve between the gallbladder, bile, pancreatic ducts, and duodenum. Back up of the competitive bile may increase the pressure in the pancreatic duct. Bile can trigger digestive enzymes within the pancreas; consequently, leading to pancreatitis.

Olive oil is a natural cause of the powerful contraction of the gallbladder. Is it bad or good? For healthy individuals, it could be good. Why? It can reduce the gallbladder congestion. For the past fifty years, fats have had a poor reputation as a result of false propaganda. The motto – no fat = no cholesterol, scares people, prevents them from eating eggs, legumes, vegetable oils, which are natural bile releasing substances. Congested bile may be the crucial element in the gallbladder stones epidemic in america.

Real liver detoxification

It is a process which could include many healing approaches. The Aims of the liver detox include:

    • Increasing production of this alkaline bile
    • Making this bile Effortless to remove
    • Decreasing amount of the fat deposits in the liver
    • Supporting proper function of the liver cells
    • Decreasing number of these toxins that go into the liver, etc

For the liver and liver health, we need some dietary changes. First, we must prevent the acid-formed foods like sugars, red meat, white bread and white rice, and alcohol. Second, normally, to encourage removal of the bile, bile sludge, toxic waste and chemicals, and small gallbladder stones we will need to consume some non-processed vegetable oils like olive oil, flax seed oil, fish oil, avocado, and egg’s yolk. Animal fats must be restricted. Third, we will need to avoid dehydration. Drinking pure water, herbal teas, and eating vegetable soups can perform the job.

Let us examine the Europeans practices. For centuries, physicians in Europe have sent their patients with the liver, pancreas and gallbladder disorders to the healing mineral spas. Drinking healing mineral water is a very long standing, healing clinic in Europe. The famed curative mineral water is from Karlovy Vary thermal spring. Because the demand for the water was high, physicians suggested evaporating the water. To get the water for home use, one simply needs to dissolve this salt in pure water, hence helping to eliminate the poisonous stuff, bile sludge and gallbladder stones from liver and liver.

Pflanzliche Heilmittel

Herbal remedies are the earliest medicine on the planet. Some of the herbs are known as hepatic. Hepar is the expression meaning liver in Latin. Hepatic herbs are divided into three categories:

  1. Cholagogues stimulate the flow of bile
  2. Choleretics are plants which encourage the bile production and excretion from the liver
  3. Hepatoprotectors are plants which support liver function and help detoxification

Many hepatic herbs have three activities overlapping each other.

Hepatic herbs, that have scientific, and evidence back up are barberry, burdock, dandelion, fennel, ginger, corn silk, licorice, milk thistle, peppermint, St. John’s wort, turmeric, etc..


For individuals with entire body acidity, extra weight, digestive problems, diabetes, older age, chronic diseases, etc, liver flush with olive oil can be risky business. These folks need gentle liver cleaning techniques such as dietary changes, and herbal remedies.