Modern lifestyle with its hectic pace and distance limits makes it difficult to provide dedicated land for herb kingdom. However container gardening is an effortless option for folks that live in apartments. This can brighten patios, inside and gazebos. Many herbs grow fairly well in pots if due care is taken. The herbs require more attention since they’re restricted to the pots that limits their growth. The tiny leaves and fewer blossoms are obvious because of constraint in space. However with a great deal of love and tender care, the blossoms will be happy and bring greenery,fresh odor to a small patio or windowsill home herb garden.

Container Gartenarbeit

To stop water clogging, increase the amount of the pots from the floor by inserting wooden planks or non-metallic substance to prevent damaging the floor. Good drainage and air is needed for a healthy growth. For very hot climates, use a mist spray to cool your herbs or wrap them with moist Hessian. Alternatively, save your herbs from freezing cold weather by bringing them into a warmer place or supplying covers. A container with wheels is excellent for porting pots from 1 place to another. A trolley is also wise to transfer the pots without bothering the herbs. The pots and the plants should be in harmony. The feel of baskets should match the colors of blossoms. Some hues don’t go well together, get brightly colored terra-cotta or earthen pots that come along with the green, purple color of the herbs.

Wachsende Kräuter in Töpfen

A Wardian Case that is also called a plant Terrarium is excellent for growing herbs indoors. It was invented by Wardian Case and is excellent for humidity loving tropical blossoms such as ferns. It’s so easy to use you will get hooked on it. The Terrarium is normally a glass case that retains moisture so you can conveniently neglect to water the herbs. The moisture is continuing for days and sometimes weeks. Almost any sort of herb that’s not so hungry for space will endure in Terrarium.


Regardless of your size and choice of your container garden, you’ll need durable gardening gear. Container gardening tools vary from and aren’t confined to gardening sieves, pruner, watering cans, trowels, wrist-easy hand rakes, and soil-testing kits for measuring pH value and moisture content. Any garden store offers a excellent choice of quality garden tools, and you can even buy that small garden Gnome you have been dreaming of. According to a European folklore, Gnomes are often depicted as having beards and wear red hats. They’re known to smoke pipes and also assist with your garden covertly at nights.


Now that you’re equipped with a list of garden pots and tools, it’s time to decide on the herbs. Start small with some of your favourite herbs – Mint, Basi, Thyme and Coriander. And then after 2 to 4 weeks, your garden will be prepared to add more in the thousand of varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs. Keep in mind that the climate and the garden design when selecting herbs. Read about them and you’re certain to have amazing sprouts and blossoms on your small herb garden quite soon.

Minze Frost

Minze Frost ist eine fantastische Wahl für Töpfe. Dieses Kraut wächst 15 Zoll hoch mit weißen Blüten auf rötlichen Blattstielen. Mounds von kühlen, weichen, schimmernden Splitter Minze mit Untertönen von Olivenöl, Chartreuse Farbe wird den Topf scharen, wenn sie voll ausgewachsen.


Schnittlauch braucht feuchten, nährstoffreichen Boden und viel Sonne. Ein Rückschnitt sorgt für gesunden Schnittlauch. Schnittlauch ist in milden Klimazonen meist immergrün, geht aber im strengen Winter in eine Ruhephase über.

Basilikum, Thymian

Es gibt viele Sorten dieses zarten, tropischen, einjährigen Krauts, aber viele Basilikum-Sorten wachsen schnell und leicht in heißem Klima mit Erde, die gedüngt werden muss.

Gewöhnlicher Thymian, der Fleischgerichten und Speisen ein tolles Aroma verleiht, gedeiht in warmer Sonne und ziemlich trockenem Boden.

Koriander (Koriander)

Koriander ist ein einjähriges Kraut, das in fast jeder Form von Gartenerde gedeiht. Für beste Ergebnisse verwenden Sie hausgemachten Kompost oder organischen Dünger.

Süßer Majoran

It’s a rich, sweet tasting herb and has tender stems and leaves. It develops well just about everywhere from seeds or cuttings and is a excellent kitchen windowsill garden choice.


Anise needs constant watering, but you shouldn’t over water it. Plant it in full sun and be sure that the soil drains well.

Französischer Estragon

Dieses mehrjährige Kraut fördert die Entwicklung des umliegenden Gemüses und bevorzugt sandigen Lehm. Estragon ist tolerant gegenüber Halb- oder Vollschatten.


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