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Acne isn’t just a skin disease that you used to face during your teens and trusting that it will not strike again as soon as you attain adulthood. Adult acne has been consistently increasing over the years and now affects nearly 50% of girls and 25% of men.


In actuality, in some instances, it may run well into the late forties. Reasons for adult acne can be varied like usage of bad makeup or skin-care goods, excessive tension and unrest, bad eating habits, hormonal imbalance and unhygienic skin care routines.

Acne is formed when excess oil or dirt collects in the pores or hair follicles in the skin, and begin accumulating pus. Pimples can be painful, debilitating and might cause a significant repulsion. Because of this, various quick-fix acne remedies and remedies are made available, in order to eliminate the unsightly skin blemishes as soon as possible. It’s important to know your skin type before rushing into any acne remedy. Having this extra knowledge would help you stop from suffering unnecessary side effects because not all medications might be acceptable for your skin.

Though all skin types are prone to acne, oily skin is more easily prone to get acne. This is because acne happens because of the excessive sebum or oil secretion on skin generated by the sebaceous glands. This sebum clogs pores and causes pimples. This said acne has almost equal odds of affecting dry flaky skin in addition to combination skin. It’s necessary to identify your skin type before getting treated for acne so you can go for the ideal type of treatment.

Remedies for oily skin

Acne in fatty skin is caused due to excessive oil within the body. Try avoiding external consumption of oil by cutting down on fried and fatty foods. These can raise the sebum secretion and aggravate acne. Also, be sure to don’t use any oil-based makeup since oil based lotions and bases will further clog pores and trap dirt. It’s highly recommended to stay away from oil massages and oil based facials.

Medications containing oil extracts should also be avoided. Using oil management facial scrubs that have gentle exfoliation helps to clean the dead cells off and eliminate excess facial oil secretions. It’s advised to seek medical help if you have severe cystic acne and painful acne flares. But if you’ve got moderate acne flares, then some natural remedies can help you.

Using a paste of sandalwood powder and fuller’s earth with water or milk into the face as a mask helps dry out acne and is an fantastic adult acne solution. It absorbs excess oil from skin without causing much dryness. Acid cleansers are also powerful as they attack the bacteria that cause acne without damaging the skin.

Remedies for dry skin

Acne in dry skin is caused due to lack of moisture from the skin. Inadequate water and moisture content from the body causes dry, itchy and cracking skin. Dry skin forms scents, which get lodged in the pores and bring bacterial infections.

These accumulated dead skin cells level to painful, cracked and itchy pustules which often bleed. The condition becomes worse during winters. If your skin type is dry make certain you keep your skin hydrated at all times. You may keep your skin naturally hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

This will not only enhance the moisture levels of the body, but also regulate a healthy blood flow. Avoid medications that cause excessive drying, as this is only going to aggravate the issue. Use gels that has exfoliating properties and lotions to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the face.

A moisturizer for dry and skin care skin should contain natural ingredients like eucalyptus extracts, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, linoliec acid and other organic herbs. Ceramide and glycerin are also useful ingredients to search for.

Using eucalyptus juice to wash off pimples is an excellent adult acne remedy for dry skin. It is possible to cut eucalyptus branches and extract the oil from the hints of it. Then rub it on the affected areas to decrease inflammation. You could also use medications and lotions comprising eucalyptus extracts.

Curing acne needs a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy, fibrous foods, drinking gallons of water, and taking enough rest and care of your skin. A suitable skin-care regimen that suits your skin type goes a long way in preventing or diminishing acne.