Variety of herbs and herbal mixtures as an alternative medicine concept on wooden table background top view. Homeopathy treatment.

Only an arthritis patient can understand another arthritis patient. Arthritis is a painful disease about which we could barely convince other with our physical appearance. There may be inflammation and deformities in the body, and you may have back and joint pain in addition to numbness; tell others about your illness and they will say that I also have a similar issue; it’s extremely common. During my youth, I used to associate arthritis and Ayurveda as companions for the elderly. If there’s an older in the family, there’s a strong odor of Ayurveda medicine and a somewhat disfigured and feeble grandparent gleaming from the Ayurveda oil applied throughout the body to fight arthritis.

The Reasons

Wherever you read about arthritis you discover that there’s hardly any cure and physicians mostly prescribe painkillers. As a result of lifestyle and the pollution an increasing number of kids are being diagnosed with arthritis. The arthritis pain worsens during Winter. Unlike diabetes in which you have the blood response to demonstrate your illness and in Cancer in which you have the biopsy to confirm the disease, in arthritis, your illness is determined by a mixture of blood results and symptoms. Over the last two decades, after experiencing some signs of arthritis triggered by a fall, I knew that you may keep your arthritis in check, and likely reverse the assault, by self-experimenting with home-remedies and making certain lifestyle changes. Following are some of the remedies that were successfully in reducing or preventing the symptoms in some of the arthritis patients I spoke to in the last two years:

Turmeric with Milk

Fresh raw garlic is extremely effective in combating many diseases including Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Remove the skin of raw garlic (not the dry one) and grind it to a fine paste in a mixer. Boil a cup of milk and add a teaspoonful of turmeric paste. Let the turmeric milk simmer for a little while. The best time to have turmeric milk is just before going to bed. Arthritis patients state that after drinking the mixture, they find a considerable decrease in numbness and pain experienced while sleeping.


Add a teaspoon of celery seeds into two litres of water and simmer for a while. The effect of this celery water could be experienced throughout the winter. A friend who used to shiver while sleeping in an Air Conditioned rooms in Summer, states after ingesting celery water, the condition has reversed. She needed to have ice creams to beat the heat and this winter she didn’t experience the acute symptoms of arthritis. It is possible to store celery water at room temperature and beverage when you feel thirsty. This treatment was suggested by a 40-year-old friend in Canada who says his knee pain subsided after having water.


The Fenugreek seed is a traditional home remedy employed by Women in my homeland, Kerala in India. After delivery, Women used to given a ball-shaped medicinal concoction made of finely powdered fenugreek seed and Jaggery. This mixture keeps the bones strong even is older ages. Another fenugreek treatment is completed at the start of winter. For the dinner take a small number of fenugreek seed and boiled rice, and cook. Have it without salt or some other accompaniments. Don’t have any food then in the evening. Do this therapy for 5 or 7 days consecutively. In Northern India, fresh fenugreek leaves are used in various dishes to survive the winters.


Again this treatment is advised by a friend in my homeland. In the morning crush or finely cut one to two shallots and have it with some ground black pepper, in empty stomach.

Green Tea

This is my personal experience. Having the sour green tea in empty stomach is a ritual for me and the majority of the time I bypass the ritual to take sweet brewing coffee instead. But whenever I took green tea for a couple of days there was weight reduction, pain subsiding and overall refreshing feeling. The best combination is to have green tea with lemon and honey.