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Another chronically uncomfortable disease that is still on the rise across the planet, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), is triggered and made volumes worse by our poisonous modern diet of heavily refined and processed sugars, grains and vegetable oils. Most people nowadays simply don’t eat enough of necessary nutrients needed to build and sustain strong bones and joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A chronic inflammatory disorder, RA most usually impacts the smaller joints in your feet and hands causing painful swelling because it impacts the joint linings, which then leads to severe erosion of the joint bones along with the normal ugly deformity that’s now recognized and also often seen as this painful disorder gains ground.

Sadly it does not always stop there either… in its’ worst stages RA is a great all-rounder and it is going to very often also have disastrous effects on other areas of the body i.e. lungs, skin, eyes and delicate blood vessels.

Cutting To The chase

Although it can happen to practically anyone at any age, it is more commonly found to affect women more than men and usually just after the age of 40+.

Another thing to think about is the hereditary factor, your risk of contracting the disease could be increased if a family member suffer from RA.

The Cause

Apart from bad dietary habits and lack of exercise…

The truth is that the science and medical fraternities are still unsure of how it gets initially started on your body, nobody can define just what it is that kick-starts the development of RA, although a rising theory holds that it is likely because of genetics… not specifically a malfunction on your genes but the effect that infections, viruses and bacteria could have in your genes, effectively activating the disease as we know it.

What is known is that the ligaments and tendons holding your joints are stretched and eventually weakened to a point where the joints eventually end up completely out of alignment… all caused when inflammation thickens the lining of the membranes cradling the joints – the “Synovium”.

This first inflammation begins after your immune system apparently attacks the synovium… for reasons – as already explained, not yet fully known.

A Few Prevention Basics

!!! … Natural, Natural, Natural, Natural, etc, and so on, ad infinitum…!!!

It is all about living an all-round lifestyle of Natural Health & Wellness… did you know there are still regions of our planet i.e. parts of Africa, Asia, Indonesia and South America, where the populations NEVER suffer from Arthritis… EVER. . ?

And the reason. . ?

They do not live the typical “westernised” modern day life of toxin rich, processed, sugary and carbohydrate’ laden foods that the rest of the world have been “persuaded” to adopt – for all the wrong reasons. . !

So, make sure you get enough vitamin D from sun, tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines and vitamin K2 from liver, meat, milk, cheese and butter… from grass-fed animals.

In other words, eat healthy foods and healthy oils. . !

And of course, exercise, especially a little bit of resistance training… It’s vitally important for bone and joint strength, regardless of your age or your sex.

Some Of The Common Symptoms

      • Swollen, tender/painful joints.
      • Rheumatiod nodules – hard bumps under the skin of your arms.
      • Stiffness of the joints lasting for hours after sleeping or resting.
      • Weight loss and constant fatigue.

RA symptoms are very diverse and may vary greatly in intensity from person to person and will even appear as only a temporary ache or pain – coming and going, so to speak…

The most frequent feature however is that it always begins in the joints… the knuckles on the hands and the toes-to-feet joints… then eventual progression to the major bodily joints – ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and elbows.

Then as time passes, the sufferers’ joints will misalign and take on the characteristic deformation and misalignment which could only be the consequence of this disease. . !

Other Risks Associated With AR

Suffering with RA means there is every chance you can also end up suffering with:

      • Osteoporosis – together with actual RA, the RA medication can actually increase the risk of developing Osteoporosis… your bones are weakened, making them vulnerable to fracture.
      • Lung Disease – incremental lack of breath due to inflammation and the subsequent scarring of the lungs.
      • Heart Disease – inflammation of the main sac and a higher risk of blocked and/or hardened arteries.
      • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – inflammation and swelling causes compression of the median nerve that passes through your wrist with resultant tingling or numbness of the hand region near the thumb.

Some Natural Remedies

      • COCONUT OIL – it’ll very effectively decrease inflammation and sooth inflamed joints and tissues – it also strengthens bones.LIFESTYLE CHANGES – As mentioned before, the perfect diet with loads of vitamin D and K2 – if you can not get the ideal sort of food then a supplement from your local health store will be the best way to go.
      • JOINT FRIENDLY EXERCISE – resistance training is great for everybody, however RA sufferers should definitely be doing so – start gently and build up.
      • DAILY STRETCHES – Yoga stretching exercises are ideal. I practice a moderate yoga stretch virtually every day and have had my mom – an arthritis sufferer, practice them too… they work.
      • MEDITATION – nope, I’m not joking… as a sufferer of RA, you will need to relax your muscles and joints as far as possible, whenever possible – and the calming, mind and body relaxing practice of meditation is definitely the most ideal way to achieve that.

A Final Anecdote

For the most part, Rheumatoid Arthritis is uncomfortable and can get pretty nasty looking as a persons’ joints twist and deform… it could get extremely painful and bring on additional health problems that just make the sufferer even more miserable.

But it can be prevented… Lifestyle – as usual, is the big thing here and although it is not always the simplest thing to do, changing your dietary and basic life habits are always a severe game-changer when it comes to enhancing your health.