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Sinus problems can take the enjoyment out of your life. However you may bring back that joy of dwelling by using these sinusitis natural cures. On this sinusitis natural repertoire, one key herb helps the immune system and others assist relieve sinusitis signs.


It grows as a purple coneflower and stands on the high of the list of immune enhancing herbs. Besides stimulating the immune system, it heals wounds, soothes inflammation, and fights bacteria and viruses. Due to the antibacterial effects, it needs to be taken regularly for 3 weeks to calm an infection, but then stop. After 3 weeks it could lose its therapeutic effect.

Or you might be able to stop taking the Echinacea sooner if you take Echinacea every day for 3-4 more days after the infection clears.

Echinacea might have these two negative effects, however they occur very rarely:

      • Individuals with ragweed allergy may be allergic to Echinacea
      • As a result of it is an immune stimulant, inflicting over activity of the immune system, it could increase allergy symptoms.


It fights sinusitis and helps the adrenal glands. If allergies compound the sinus problems, the adrenal glands become much more overloaded and finally can not sustain with the demands on them. Because the adrenal decline progresses, the sinus problems become worse. However with the assistance of ginseng, the adrenals can recuperate and help conquer the chronic sinusitis problems.

And guess what? Ginseng has great “side-effects” including increasing stamina and energy and should assist clear brain fog. These “side effects” certainly add a fantastic bonus to your natural routine.

However one precaution: In case you have hypertension, seek the advice of your doctor before taking ginseng.


Put one-quarter cup of lemon thyme in 4 cups of water.

Bring this solution to a boil.

Carefully inhale the steam to loosen up the congestion.

Mullein and balm of Gilead

Add two tablespoons of mullein and one tablespoon of balm of Gilead to boiling water.

Carefully inhale the steam.

Or just before you go to bed, drink some mullein tea. Besides mobilizing the mucous it also calms inflammation which soothes irritated nerves helping to alleviate pain and induce sleep


Simmer two tablespoons of crushed fenugreek seeds in two cups of water. Allow this solution to sit for about half an hour, and then strain it. Now take one tablespoon of the juice of an onion and one tablespoon of lemon juice and add them to this concoction. Drink several cups all through the day. Give those germs a double whammy with the fenugreek and onion juice.

Stinging Nettles

Those helps relieve signs by acting as an anti-histamine and may be especially helpful as a sinusitis natural treatment when allergies cause the sinus problems.


So there you have it, the classical sinusitis natural remedies that help the immune system and the adrenals, battle infection, loosen mucous, relieve congestion and fight allergy symptoms in sinusitis issues. Give them a try today.