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To live a harmonious life, you must not just abide by the laws of the country, but also by the natural Laws of the Universe. If we transgress, there’ll be consequences. Like any nation, the world can be governed by particular laws. We refer to such as Universal Laws or Laws of Nature, ‘whose content is defined by character and is therefore universal’.

No causality in Life

The Universal Laws appear to be mysterious. They are hidden truths. When you identify these hidden truths and use them miracles or amazing results happen in your lifetime. It can manifest as suddenly having cash if you need it the most, reversing a life threatening disease, or achievement in a particular endeavour. These ‘wonders’, no matter how amazing they may be, aren’t unbelievable outcomes. They are natural results based on the right application of particular laws of nature.

Unfortunately, a number of the Universal Laws are much less clear-cut as they may seem. There are unnoticed subtleties to the Universal Laws which, when understood and applied, can make a big difference between happiness and misery, poverty and prosperity, peace and conflict, simplicity and struggle.

It’s easy to believe that some people are born into affluence and all good things happen to them. The reality is, these folks are not simply lucky; great things do not just ‘happen’ to them. They’re just applying the Laws of the Universe more efficiently, whether they’re conscious of it or not. The laws are perfect; they work flawlessly every time, all of the time. If you look to do all the right things, but your results are bad, think about the Laws of the Universe and how you’re applying them.

How many laws are there? Many

These laws govern all aspects of our existence. It operates whether you’re conscious of it or not. These are the important laws of manifestation that interact to create wealth in your life. Use these laws in cohesion to reevaluate your success and achieve superior results.

The Law of Gravity

The Law of Gravity is an example of a Universal Law. So is the Law of Conservation of Energy, in other words, energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form into another. However, unlike human legislation, which can differ from country to country, Universal Laws are consistent and unchanging. You socialize with these laws with each breath you take. They govern your own existence.

The Law of Receiving

You will experience the benefits (the Law of Receiving) when you truly realize that you’ve got immense, untapped ability, and you combine that understanding with deliberate use of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Action.

1. Law of Attraction: A deeper knowledge of yourself (your power of attraction)

2. Law of Action: Specific efforts towards a desirable outcome (your power of activity)

The Law of Cause and Effect

The supreme Law of the Universe is the Law of Cause and Effect, also called the parable of ‘reaping what you sow’. For every effect there is a cause; for each action there’s a reaction. Positive action equates to a favorable outcome. The Law of Cause and Effect transcends time, space or form.

Every human thought, word or deed is a cause that sets off a wave of energy throughout the world, leading to desirable or undesirable outcomes. If there are unwanted side effects, it only means that at any time previously, there was a thought, word or deed that led to a tide of undesirable energy. As normal, fully-functioning individuals we’re quite literally responsible for everything in our lives. This excerpt illustrates this idea.

This is the proposal a guy gave to his subconscious mind over a span of roughly two years: “I’d give my right arm to see my daughter treated.” It seemed that his daughter had a crippling form of arthritis together using a so-called incurable type of skin disease. Medical therapy had failed to relieve the illness, and the dad had an intense longing for his daughter’s recovery, and expressed his desire in the words just quoted.

One day the family was out for a drive. Their car was involved in a head-on collision. The father’s right arm has been torn off in the shoulder. When he arrived home from the hospital, he found that his daughter’s skin and arthritis condition had vanished.

Everyone is subject to these exact same organic Laws of the Universe, no matter race, color, creed or sex. The legislation apply their influence without our consent or awareness. When we choose the behavior, we select the consequences. Interestingly, the men and women that are frustrated in life consistently attempt to defy the natural laws. And, unsurprisingly, successful individuals live in harmony with the natural Laws of the Universe.

All of life is linked; what we do to others, we do to ourselves. According to the principle of karma, any positive or negative thought or activity stays that way, until it expends (uses up) its energy by acting on the originator. The energy you create through your thoughts, deeds and words – either positive or negative – will rally and act on YOU. But, because it’s the essence of power to expand when it’s put out to the world, you may at some stage experience far greater than you caused others to encounter.

If you cause others to experience wellbeing and prosperity, it is going to return to you and you’ll experience it as well, often multiplied. In like fashion, if you harm someone, the energy will eventually return and cause you greater damage, unless of course you make amends somehow.

Eighteenth-century German philosopher and poet, Wolfgang Von Goethe wrote:

Nature knows no jesting; she’s always accurate, always serious, always severe; she’s always correct, and the mistakes and flaws are always those of guy. The man incapable of appreciating her, she despises and just to the apt, the pure, and the true, does she resign herself and show her secrets.

The Law of Cause and Effect is the IRON LAW of the world. It’s unyielding. If you resist this legislation, there’ll be consequences – no ‘ifs, ands, or buts’ about it. It’s fascinating (and often tragic) to observe how a lot people attempt to resist this legislation, especially if we pursue easy and quick gains. Often we strive for what we want by doing the exact opposite of what’s in our best interest.

The Secret to Creating Affluence

A young man went into the woods and said to his spiritual master, ‘I need to have unlimited wealth, to help and heal the world. What is the key to wealth?’

The spiritual master said, ‘There are two Goddesses that live in the core of every human beingthe Goddess of WEALTH and the Goddess of KNOWLEDGE’.

‘Although you love both, you must pursue them to the exclusion of another. Pursue her, love her, and give her your attention. Understand that only the Goddess of Wealth can give you riches, and you might pursue just 1 Goddess, not both’.

‘But, here is the key: If you pursue the Goddess of Wealth, she’ll be delighted with you because she loves to be chased. The more you pursue the longer she will elude you. However, if you pursue the Goddess of KNOWLEDGE, the Goddess of WEALTH will become extremely jealous and cover more attention for you. In actuality, the more you seek the Goddess of Knowledge, the greater the Goddess of Wealth will search you. She won’t ever leave you. She’ll always shower you with material blessings merely to win your focus, and the riches you want will be yours forever’.

The human tendency is to pursue the Goddess of Wealth, which seems like the logical option. However, wealth is simply a consequence, and like any effect it’s a cause. In the fable, chasing a single goddess gets one of the best of both worlds; wealth comes in the acquisition and appropriate application of knowledge.

So let us be clear: your goals and dreams will manifest when you and the Laws of the Universe are in harmony!

Living in Harmony

It’s a scientific truth that the world operates in complete harmony with IRREVOCABLE organic laws and principles which have NEVER diverse throughout all time. These laws prevail no matter if we heed them not. Those individuals who reside in harmony with the Laws of this Universe will emerge victorious.

You’re living and working in a dynamic global universe that leaves little room for error. In future, only those people whose beliefs are sound, in harmony with the laws of this world, and have been incorporated with their behaviour, will emerge as real winners.

This much we know with certainty: you’ve got unlimited potential and you can tap into and exploit this potential by combining all those laws.