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A positive affirmation is used to reprogram your subconscious mind, enabling you in every area of your life.

What’s an Affirmation?

An empowering statement which, when repeated on a constant basis, is accepted as fact inside the subconscious mind. For instance, if you are uncertain about your weight you may use the affirmation”Everyday I am easily becoming closer to my weight loss goal”. If you lack confidence in a social environment you could confirm”By being myself, I effortlessly build lasting connections with everybody”. Any fear you might have, any doubt, insecurity or limiting belief can be overcome by using affirmations. Furthermore, you may use affirmations as a type of”magnet”. Affirmations like”money flows to me obviously and effortless”, or”I’m attracting my soul mate to me today” have an astounding impact.

What’s the Big Deal?

Your subconscious mind makes 96-98percent of your choices for you, without you being consciously aware of it whatsoever. So, if your subconscious mind is holding on to a limiting belief or a superfluous fear (like fear of social interaction) you’ll be lead to conclusions that don’t reflect what you truly want. This is where affirmations come in! The only person who can make you think a negative or limiting notion is you. Luckily, you can create your subconscious mind believe what you want it to think about. When you do so, you become what you’re truly capable of. You may do bolder things, be optimistic, create the reality you want and live a better life. So, on to the important part!

How to do Affirmations

    • Pick out your listing of a couple of positive affirmations to replace your negative beliefs with. You may recite them at any time during your day, provided that you’re able to concentrate intently on the words and their significance.
    • Relax your body. Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. Release all the meaningless mental chatter and concentrate on your affirmations.
    • As you say each affirmation, attempt to really feel the emotion that would come with this belief.
    • Visualize being this legitimate version of yourself. Know that this is who you are, you simply need your subconscious mind to get on board!
    • Say each affirmation with intent and purpose. If your affirmations begin to become a”job”, they will immediately lose their efficacy.

Pro Tips

    • Say every affirmation as though it’s already correct. Your subconscious mind is most receptive to the present tense.
    • Believe each affirmation to be true, as opposed to hoping it will one day be true. “Fake it’til you create it”. Your subconscious mind will take these statements much easier this way.
    • Spend at least 5 minutes daily per affirmation if you wish to generate any difference. It’s because of this that it’s suggested to only have a few affirmations initially.
    • Meditate! When in a meditative state, you have the ability to get your subconscious mind a lot easier. Doing Affirmations while in meditation is believed by many to boost their effectiveness by up to ten times!
    • The average consensus is that it takes approximately 60-90 days for the subconscious mind to take an affirmation as truth. You can’t skip even 1 day, or the process will restart. Be consistent!
    • Once you’ve changed your belief efficiently, do not stop affirming! This is where many go wrong. You’re constantly picking up new beliefs from your daily environment. To have lasting beliefs that you truly want, you must always maintain them.

Unleash Your Potential

When your realize that your thoughts and beliefs create your reality, you have within you an infinite power to do absolutely anything. You need to actively work to rid your mind of self doubt and dread. Once you attain this, you’re really an unlimited being. You’re given this power in birth, and it’s waiting to be used!