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Have you tried ayurvedic treatment for baldness yet? You may be pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of using this therapy. Ayurvedic treatment is a traditional type of medicine used in India. This kind of medicine is so effective that it’s been adopted by many countries as a substitute medication.

Herbal Teatment

This sort of treatment does not just involve the use of herbal remedies but also using meditation, diet, aromatherapy and oil massage.

Why should you attempt this therapy? For starters, this sort of treatment has been used for many centuries so their methods are tried and tested. The methods are also quite simple and can vastly enhance your overall health condition.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Most specialists in ayurvedic medicines for hair development encourage people to have a healthy diet. This diet should write of foods rich in Vitamin C and B complex, zinc, iron, sulfur and essential fatty acids. If you see, there are several fabricated products out there that include those nutrients.

    • There should also be an ample source of green leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, soybean and milk. For a topical treatment, oil can be massaged to the scalp to stimulate better blood flow and also to strengthen the strands.
    • It’s advised to attempt Amla and Bhringaasava oil but in the event that you can’t find these, coconut and jojoba oil are perfect substitutes.
    • Cooking Urad dal or what’s commonly called black beans can be mashed and blended with Methi or Fenugreek seeds. This mixture can be used 4 times per week when washing your hair.
    • Mixing lettuce and cabbage and integrating it in your foods can also be effective in promoting hair regrowth. Sesame seeds are also taken daily. Sesame seeds are in fact a major part of ayurvedic therapy. It’s used for various health issues and it has plenty of benefits.

Aside from this ayurvedic treatment for baldness, ayurvedic experts also advise doing yoga poses for tress issues. These poses can help improve the blood flow throughout the body.

You can attempt Vajrasana or Pawanmuktasan. These aren’t just great for preventing tress reduction, these are also great in boosting your over-all wellbeing.


The advantages of using ayurvedic treatment for baldness are endless. It’s a point of pride that for a remedy so easy, the benefits are magnanimous. If you have been trying a variety of products that don’t appear to work, maybe it’s time to try something more natural, something more ayurvedic.